Politics UGH!

Not very often to I go on a political rant in this thing, but it’s time.

What the HELL is G Dubbs thinking with this worker program he’s proposing? He’s rewarding ILLEGAL immigrants by giving them legal jobs for three years. What is he thinking? He’s sending a message to Americans that the government doesn’t care what illegal activities you participate in, your crimes will be forgiven if they aren’t “too bad”. G Dubbs apparently thinks that his plan is a plan “that serves the American economy and reflects the American dream.” BULLSHIT! There are many, many unemployed Americans that would love to have the jobs that these ILLEGAL immigrants are taking in our country! If we would send each and every worker that is here illegally and throw them back to their own country, and found a jobless American who needed work and put him in that job, the unemployment rate in this country would drop so far. Hey G Dubbs, how about taking care of American citizens by keeping illegal workers out of jobs that could be their’s? Did you ever think of that? Obviously not because you want this country to support ILLEGAL immigrants by allowing them to work!

“As a nation that values immigration and depends on immigration, we should have immigration laws that work and make us proud.” Make who proud, G Dubbs? You’re not making me proud. I will not be proud of my government when it promotes ILLEGAL immigration when there are lines and lines of people wishing to enter this country legally! What do you say to the next 500 people in line to become legal citizens and find a job to fulfil their dream? “Oh I’m sorry, you can’t have that job, we have an illegal immigrant that is already working in that position. He came here three years ago. Yes, that’s the same time you filed your application for citenship, but he was here first.” What the hell is that going to do to imigraion in this country? It’s going to open the floodgates for people who do not want to wait for legal passage into our land! They’re going to bypass the green card process and we’re going to have a larger population of illegal aliens than was ever thought. I wonder what the Department of Homeland Security has to say about this.. OH WAIT! THEY’RE STUCK SO FAR UP G DUBBS’ ASS THAT THEY DON’T SEE THE INHERENT SECUTITY RISK!


“I oppose amnesty — Granting amnesty encourages the violation of our laws and perpetuates illegal immigration.” Then what the hell are you doing?! I guess I don’t understand the FINE LINE beteween amnesty and whatever the hell you’re calling this.

GRRR! Whatever, I’m done, I’m just getting more pissed off.

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  1. WHAT THE HELL IS G DUB THINKIN? i saw the article too on cnn.com and was equally pissed. jesus. oh, and i like the cost for the war in iraq thingy. it’s so great, and true. vote kerry

  2. Dude, it’s not mine. I found it at some other site. click the link at the bottom and it will take you to where I got it.

  3. I saw it on the news last night and just started flipping out to my mom. She looked at me, and I go, do you know how hard it is to get a job when you’re 17 years old and don’t really have any hireable skills yet???? GOD DAMN MEXICANS
    (its time to vote for nader and his wall.)

  4. Being a pretty staunch moderate… I can still say that this is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my LIFE.

  5. Exactly my point. “Let’s give people living here illegally the opportunity to stay and make money, then go home.” Definition of amnesty – the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals Merriam Webster. Pardon – the excusing of an offense without exacting a penalty. Merriam-Webster Sounds like that’s what he’s doing to me. Forgiving them of penalties of their crime… DUH AMNESTY?

    Stupid president, go back to Texas!

  6. you are my hero tom-tom, this blog post was awesome. good jorb. … agreed on every single point.

    dude, if i were in his position, where so many people hate him and his actions, and he were soon to be relieved of his post, i’d go out with a bang, and just piss off as many people as i could. you know, like he’s not already done that. but that’s just me, if i were in that spot, that’s what i’d do. either you do it the right way or not at all… don’t mind me, this is what i think about in the pool.

  7. Aye De Mi! First… Tom you should research a little more before you just accept what CNN tells you. The only waiting period for citizenship is how long it takes you to pass the tests. And this is only a PR face to what they’re really trying to do. Get illegals out of the alleys… get them registered… and try to take control of the millions of people in this country… who we don’t even know about! It scares the hell out of me to think of who has slipped into this country illegally. And if this is what it takes to find out then i’ll take this any day!

    PS: That’s not the cost of war i care about. Show me what really matters. The cost is blood… and it’s good to see that our soldiers aren’t dying for nothing any longer (see Somalia, Czechoslovakia).

  8. If you decide to take the green card approach, your green card application takes on average one year to process (notice on average, I’m guessing the average is the past few years or so). After holding your green card for two years, you can then apply for citizenship, pass your tests, you’re in. That’s about a three year waiting period to become a full-fledged citizen. How about direct citizenship… average waiting time (again, average is probably over a couple years) 18 months to take the citizenship tests. Total waiting time: 18 months.

    OR you can take G Dubbs’ approach… Show up illegally, turn your self in, get a work permit, work in the US for three years, go home (or in most cases, re-apply, get a new permit and stay for three more years, then go home). Total waiting time to get a new legal job, approx. two weeks (depends on how long it takes to find a job).

    Now granted, the people who wish to be here for long periods of time will apply for citenship in one of the two above-mentioned ways. Most illegal aliens are here to make a few bucks, take that money back to their families and solve a short term problem. This plan allows them to do that legally, and to me, that’s unacceptable.

    Everyone is entitled to their own views, that’s mine. I have done my research, I just stole the quotes from CNN cause that was easiest.

    PS: I don’t care much about the monetary cost of war either, I just thought it was interesting to watch an algorithm estimate it in real time. The true cost of this war is blood, both Coalition and Iraqi. Maybe if someone had a counter that measured in liters of blood lost, that would be more realistic.

  9. first off…CNN seems to be the most objective news source out there anymore…you all know my feelings about fox…MSNBC is starting to lean towards the right, too…second…this david guy seems like the kind of guy who would have blamed clinton for 9/11…completely unacceptable…so i ask you, david…was somalia, “for nothing”?…at least clinton went in after the terrorists BEFORE they killed an assload of people…at least clinton actually arrested the people responsible for attacks in the US (i.e. ramzi yousef, abdul hakim murad, wali khan amin shah)…his admin.’s policies even thwarted several attacks around the globe (one on the pope, a few against the UN building, one on the washington bridge, etc. etc.)…THIRD…i’m not giving up MY liberties because the current administration is lazy, and didn’t do their job, and continues to NOT do their job…all of this intelligence they keep getting could be put to better use, instead of scaring people with colors and warnings…if it’s so damn safe to keep doing what we normally do, then what the hell is the problem?!?!…dear bush: DO YOUR FUCKIN’ JOB!!!!!! DADDY CAN’T BAIL YOU OUT OF THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!…i’m done…

  10. im sorry, i am an avid bush fan, but this just is NOT acceptable by any means, no matter what kind of spin you put on it, or alterior motive behind it. he proposed what he proposed, and didnt say “the reason why I am doing this is because of this”, and replace the second “this” with something understandable. the reason that they are called illegal immigrants is because they have broken US law. if he is going to do this, then he may as well grant amnesty to all the other criminals out there. dammit bush, you had this election in the bag, but you just dont want to win, do you….

  11. not to nitpick or anything… “alterior” isn’t a word, but “ulterior” is.
    and where is your post for today mr. mason? i need my fix.

  12. LOL.. that’s an interesting point of view from ‘mojo’. You’re saying if Bush had gone in to Afghanistan after Al-Qaida before 9/11 you would have been ok with it? See this is the problem with out political system. People think that they have to be all ‘right’ or all ‘left’. I tend to fall to one side or the other depending on issue. Usually i fall towards George Bush’s side… since most people who critisize him didn’t even vote in the election. That’s unacceptable to me. Oh and just for the record… i don’t believe anything the government tells us is the truth… how can i? The people haven’t run the government in over 100 years… we only elect people to run things we’ll never know about.

    Oh and with respect to “Now granted, the people who wish to be here for long periods of time will apply for citenship in one of the two above-mentioned ways. Most illegal aliens are here to make a few bucks, take that money back to their families and solve a short term problem”: I think that most illegal aliens are here from the Central and Southern American regions… and most of them are not trying to solve a short term problem. Most of them want to reside here legally and try to attain the American Dream… the Dream that most of us take for granted because we were born into the greatest country in the world. Sure it’s not perfect… but i can think of at least a hundred places that are 10 times worse then anything i have experienced here. Our biggest problems come from monetary or emotional issues… not worrying about dying in the streets. This is why the people who come here illegally.. and try to work… send the money home… because they are trying to support a family or even to save to bring their family over with them. They’re simply doing what most of our parents did and still do!

    BTW… these are just my opinions… but i’m glad to see i’ve sparked some conversation… even if it is on Tom’s blog! =o)

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