6 thoughts on “Photos!

  1. the following is not aimed at you:

    i hope to GOD that the colts lose…i’m fucking tired of hearing about the football games and the super bowl and everything that goes with it…something is horribly wrong when you here more about football (let alone every other sport), than news that actually MATTERS, in a 30 minute newscast…

  2. Agreed, but when the colts win, it’s good for the city, so I don’t mind them winning, I just wish the newscasts were less about the colts and more about the news that matters.

  3. FYI, local news here in Lafayette, was students are buying books, and then they interviewed students about it, and then students are going back to class blah blah, in other words, I’d rather watch info about the colts, and Tom I never did fall asleep!

  4. At least the news you hear about the Colts is how they are winning. Suppose they had lost in the first round. The news channels would still be dominated by Colts news…. news that the Colts could move to LA! I say go Colts! If they win the Super Bowl there is NO WAY Indianapolis can let them go!

    Also… TV is still a business… if you pay to send a bunch of personnel to KC… you’re going to use them as much as you can. If the Colts go to the Super Bowl… don’t be surprised if they do the entire newscast from Houston.


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