I’m so out of shape, it’s not even funny.

This weekend, I went out to Ransburg to help the C.O.P.E. and Climbing Committee get the course and tower ready for the spring season. Usually that entails putting up the Giant’s Ladder, the tires on the Tire Traverse, putting the shear reduction devices on top of the tower/C.O.P.E. Course, and making sure everything is in good shape for opening. This year in addition to those things, it included hanging a new tire on the Porthole, re-affixing the Zip Line cable to the new pole at the end of the line, testing the Zip Line, adding a gate to the top deck of the tower, adding a permanent anchor point to the center of the tower for the free rappel, putting a new cable on the Tire Traverse, replacing some of the decking at the top of the tower and finishing the bouldering wall.

Needless to say we didn’t finish our work this past weekend, so I’ll be heading out to Ransburg again next Saturday to finish.

The reason I’m so out of shape is this… It’s two days after the work and my deltoids and triceps are still sore. I need to start getting into shape before the summer, so here’s my plan (if anyone wants to join me in my get-into-shape plan, let me know):

Monday after work — SRSC time, weight training and cardio.
Wednesday evening — Hoosier Heights time.
Friday afternoon — SRSC time, more weight training and cardio.
Sunday afternoon — Hoosier Heights time.

I really need someone to hit up HH with me because I can’t climb on my own. But if I follow that for the next few weeks, I should be back in shape for the summer.

Something else that may be of interest to some of you is that the lake is currently 10′ above summer pool, meaning the breakwater is four feet underwater. If we keep getting all this precipitation, I have the feeling that come summer, the water level will be dropping considerably each day. Translated: The Aquatics Staff will be moving the docks a lot this summer.

And my last bit of news from this weekend… Smithville Telephone has put a Cingular tower at the substation just past Ransburg on 446. I asked Keith while I was at the course this weekend if Cingular was added to the tower at camp. His answer was no, so I asked why I have full service at the C.O.P.E. course when in previous summers, I had to climb to the top of one of the poles to have even a little bit of reception. He then told me that Smithville Telephone had built a tower and that there’s a loophole in the zoning ordinances that allows their tower to have lights on the top of it. In Monroe County, unless you’re a public utility, you cannot have lights on the top of any towers.

Good news about that is that I have phone reception down at the course…

The bad news… we can now see the Cingular tower from the parade field at camp…

…stupid progress…


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6 thoughts on “ZOMG

  1. I hope to god that they let out most of that water BEFORE camp starts, otherwise that is going to suck……a lot. I agree that it kind of sucks that you will be able to see the phone tower from camp – as much as I love technology – the ‘burg just seems to be a place that you can get away from most of it…

  2. yea, but that doesn’t change the fact that utilities don’t have to follow the rules about lights on towers and that sucks. That’s what I’m upset about, not about the tower itself, just the damn lights.

  3. Yea, the cell service everywhere has me excited. I’ll probably end up calling the office more often than using the radio since the valley is teh suck

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