Office Space?

This letter just goes to show that I really do work in Office Space…

Disclaimer: I am not posting this because I don’t like my job. I’m posting because I thought it was funny.


Festive decorations often herald the approaching holiday season. For
staff at IUB and IUPUI planning to decorate UITS work spaces, we offer
the following guidelines.

Personal art and decorations, such as holiday and seasonal decorations,
are left to the discretion of each unit in UITS. All decorations must
comply with university policies for fire safety (e.g., general
guidelines at and
special guidelines on Christmas Trees at

According to the standards established for the ICTC, no wall-hangings or
postings should be placed outside offices or cubes. Postings within
cubicles and offices should not be taped to the walls or woodwork. No
lights or decorations should be placed on windows or above cube walls.

Proposals for decorations for publicly-accessible training rooms,
technology centers, machine rooms, and other service facilities should
be reviewed by the unit director and forwarded to the UITS Facilities
Committee (undersigned) for approval. Our goal will be to ensure
consistency on our campuses.

Those who occupy buildings shared with non-UITS units should not place
decorations in reception areas or other shared spaces without
consideration of the other building occupants. In the ICTC, an art
committee with members from UITS and the academic units will consider
holiday decorations in the grand public spaces.

If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact a member of
the committee.

UITS Facilities Committee

5 thoughts on “Office Space?

  1. My office roommate is a UITS programmer and he got that e-mail as well. Since i am non-UITS and get paid by FMS we have decided to violate every rule of UITS’s and see if anyone says anything. If they do we will simply mention my situation! I love IU!

  2. so heres what you do: say “whoa, fuck that” and walk into work toting the largest tree you could possibly find. stick it to the man!!

  3. and one single blue glass ornament that still has three year old dust on it. cmon, you know what im talking about…but dont say it out loud..

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