I got bored on my graveyard tonight and decided to re-design this page. It’s not a huge re-design, but as you can see by clicking here and switching from one to another, there are small differences in the designs. Overall I like this one better, but there is still some tweaking to do. It was inspired by my spring break trip to the Florida Sea Base in the Keys. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment box or send me an email. The more eyes I have scrutinizing it, the better the end product will be. Everything should work since I took the main templates from the last theme.

Here’s a side by side of the two designs.

ST Old

ST New

Will has offered to go to the SRSC with me on Mondays and Fridays for the rest of the semester, and Luke has offered to go climbing with me on Wednesday and Sunday. This is great news because now I’m more likely to go to the gyms since I’m meeting someone there. Anyone else who wants to join is still welcome to come along, especially climbing — the more the merrier.

Work tonight was really boring. There wasn’t anything going on this graveyard, which is a change from normal. Things are usually decently busy in here but tonight — no dice.

This evening (read as when I wake up from my post-graveyard nap) I have an exam for Z302 and then a fraternity formal function. More excitement here because I get to hang out with the brothers I haven’t seen most of the semester tonight.

I updated the Photoblog with the first of many images from Spring Break, so you should check it out.

I also printed out some color copies of the High Adventure Rigging Handbook. It’s really sweet and I’m really happy with how it turned out. The only problem is that I forgot to include a section on setting up the zip platform for zipping. Oh well, not like it’ll be too hard to write. Check it out here (pdf).

Yesterday, during my pre-graveyard sleep, I started thinking about this summer and some changes I would like to make to the tower. Well, it made me pretty excited so I wasn’t able to sleep past 8:00 — I usually sleep until 10:00. So I got up and showered then wanted to do something to keep myself busy — I wanted to play WoW. I go to login and the 1.10 patch that was supposed to fix some things and make gameplay get better broke the WoW system. All of the realms were down and I couldn’t play. I wasn’t too happy, so I cleaned up the house a bit instead.

Good things come from servers being broken — sometimes.

Aaaaand my toe still hurts from when I dropped plotter paper on it.

Anyway, I think that’s about it. I’ve rambled on for long enough about random topics.

peace out

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Until the next post…

4 thoughts on “Newness!

  1. servers were down for 18 FUCKING HOURS yesterday….finally got back up at about midnight cst last night…i played more WCIII than i have in a year…….and the weather thats supposed to be there?? yeah, its not: i think thats what was causing the fuck-up. thanks, blizzard, for ruining my LIFE.

  2. Is your himage one of your photos or something you dug up?

    (also, I had to refresh your comment page, b/c the chars in your image, half of ’em were greek or accented… how does that work? :-D)

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