New Year, New Design?

Maybe… Maybe a new design.

I’m getting tired of looking at this MOSS green layout with the cascades park waterfall in the background. I’m tired of Firefox loading my stylesheet wrong EVERY TIME! I’m tired of a scripting error given by IE when you click on the comments link…

I’m looking to spice things up a bit, but I’m not sure how to make this page look. If you have any suggestions, hit up the comments. The little penguin is proof that I take suggestions into consideration. Run your mouse over it, see who it belongs to.

Anyway, my Cheating Class final project has been keeping me hella busy the last couple days (except Tuesday, I did nothing and it was great!). I’ve been spenging my time at work or researching and writing about the GSM network, how it works, it’s security flaws, and a suggestion on how to resolve them. It will be posted as soon as I finish it. Maybe I’ll post it in the Sideblog but I don’t think anyone reads that anyway.

The photoblog will be updated as soon as I have time to go out and take some pictures. I’m also looking to re-design that site as well, but I think I might completely re-design it, data structures and all. I’m thinking about making it a dynamic page using PHP… We’ll see how ambitious I get with that. My guess is that it will end up being driven by MoveableType yet again…

I refuse to upgrade to MoveableType 3.0 despite some suggestions from my friends here. Why fix something that’s not broken (minus the scripting error and the stylesheet disagreement that is currently going on between my stylesheet and Firefox)?

I think the little fox icon just causes trouble wherever it goes. I mean look at IE… That little fox is stealing marketshare away from Internet Explorer. Well, not the fox, the browser that the fox stands for…


In other news, I got myself set up with a trial subscription to Xbox Live and I’m loving it. I have to be careful with it, though. I can see myself developing the kind of addiction that Jimi has with Warcraft III and WoW. 😛

I found it funny when some kid was bragging about how he had only been playing Halo 2 online for a week and he was already a level six fighter. I chuckled and said “I’ve been playing since 5:00 and I’m already a level six.” This was at 7:00 Tuesday night.

There was lots of activity on the Sideblog today.

I think that’s all for now. Let’s do one of these since I haven’t done one in a while:

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayHeaven – Los Lonely Boys, only because it’s been stuck in my head all freakin’ day…

Hero of the Day – uh… yea…

Quote of the Day – “I resolve to mercilessly abuse my illusions and smack stupidity in the mouth. I resolve to never acquire a taste for the bitter lies I am fed. I am making a resolution for revolution! This year, I resolve to change the world.”
–Boondocks, 12/26/04 (stolen from John’s Blog)

Current Mood – Working: lost somewhere in the authentication mechanism for the GSM network.

Until the next post…

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Design?

  1. Aye aye aye!! Don’t be dissing FIREFOX, my boy! It’s not MY fault your stylesheets don’t work!! 🙂

    And… I want to redesign too. Maybe we should just sit down and redesign together.

    I miss you, my boy.

  2. btw, i think that quote was originally stolen from me, who had stolen it from the yahoo! comics.

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