My Christmas

I have an interesting anecdote to start tonight. When I was driving home from Shelbyville, I took St. Rd. 46 rather than St. Rd. 37. I spaced out for a while at around Nashville. When I came to, I was on St. Rd. 446 just before the entrance to camp… Let’s just say that set my mood the rest of the night…

My Christmas wasn’t what I had hoped for. First of all, my dad wasn’t able to come with us up to Hartford City. He had to work at the riverboat. I was a little dissapointed that he couldn’t be with us, but what can ya do.

Christmas Eve was when we ‘celebrated’ in HC. My aunt and uncle who live in HC came over with my cousins. I posted some pictures of Jack and me last year. This year, we didn’t get any good pictures cause he was being rowdy. My uncle is one of those guys who always gets on my nerves. No matter how well the day starts, he always ends up arguing with me about something he doesn’t know anything about, yet thinks he’s an expert in. ARGH! Then we went to mass. That ended my day.

Christmas Day itself made me quite pissed off and lonely feeling. My grandpa on my mom’s side apparently thinks that because he believes the christian belief system that everyone else who doesn’t, doesn’t matter. This was after he made some smartassed comment about how he was glad that everything on TV was Christmas related. I replied saying “Apparently they (the broadcast companies) believe that everyone in this country is a christian.” He responded, in a very non-sympathetic way “We’re entitled to it.” That, more than anything, set my mood for the day. From then on, I was pissed. On our ride over to Alexandria, the only thing on the radio was Christmas music… Yet another example about how the christians of this country have no respect for other religions. We didn’t here any Chaunaka songs during Chaunaka, we don’t hear prayer reminders for Ramadan, nor do we see Muslim or Jewish services broadcast on every major TV station. This pisses me off so much that I can’t even explain it.

That’s about all. I’m going to go be lonely for the rest of the night. Talk to me tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “My Christmas

  1. tom, i agree with you and moj about the religion thing.
    sorry your grandpa was such an ass.
    i admit that my dreams frequnet ransburg. i can’t wait til the end of may when staff week starts the summer of summer camp. ha, how redundant of me,

  2. Hey kid… at the very least, I’ll always be here for you, whenever you need me. Call me anytime–the cell’s always on, and you’ve been there enough for me that I feel like I owe it to you at the very least.

    At least things are always gonna look up. ::hug:: I’ll see you when I get back.

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