My Christmas Story My Christmas

My Christmas Story

My Christmas Break started the Friday of finals week. I took a day trip home and took with me everything that I needed to survive break. I brought home only the necessities — both my computers, my router, software, clothing (in the form of dirty laundry just like any good college student :)), shoes and my trumpet. I had the chance to play with my alma mater’s pep band that night. That was a good experience. I got to spend time with my great friend Jessi and also got to see my high school sweetheart, Michelle (who did a wonderful job singing the Star Spangled Banner before the game, she’s studying voice at Ball State). Afterward we took a foray to a party being thrown by one of the “new” girls in the Show Choir. I say “new” because she’s a junior…. past my time. The party was an interesting experience because I knew only three people there, Jessi and two others. The highlight of my evening was after we left because we ended up going to Denny’s to get some dessert. I got to do a lot of catching up with Jessi since she and I don’t talk as much as we used to because of distance. All and all, Friday was a good day.

Saturday sucked. I went to Kentucky with the basketball team to watch what was shaping up to be a good game. Until the end. Mike Davis… probably one of the best young coaches in the NCAA and still has a lot to learn about coaching. I’m writing this entry after the IU loss to Temple (after a four day break). I’m bitter. This season was going to be an undefeated season. Of course, that was before a pair of coaching mistakes gave us our two losses. Anyway, off the basketball team, back to break…

My break was really uneventful until our trip up north to Hartford City. The days after Saturday until Christmas Eve were dull. We made cookies, I made dinner a couple times, that’s about it. Here’s a pic of my sister and I enjoying some nuts — the kind you eat, not people in a psych ward.

Me and my Sis

Anyway, Hartford City was great – definitely the highlight of my break so far. I got to see my grandparents from my mom’s side, my aunt Tracy and uncle Geoff and their kids. We did the usual Christmas thing – had dinner, visited, caught up, opened gifts and harassed each other. My little cousin, Jack, became like glue to my side. Everything that I did that afternoon, Jack had to do too. I have pictures that I’ll post under this paragraph. They’re cute. He wanted to take a nap with me, so he crawled up into the other end of the couch. I was playing Quake III Arena a lot (capture the flag style) and he started watching me (he calls it “Flag”). That’s what these two pics are. Enjoy!

Me and Jack Me and Jack

My family stayed there that night with the intentions to head to Alexandria to my grandpa on my dad’s side for Christmas day. We woke up in the morning to a blanketing of snow. We had a good 8” fall overnight. It was great. So much fun. Anyway, we made our trek to Alexandria and had Christmas lunch with my grandpa, aunt Melanie and uncle Gary (he’s a grumpy old man). My aunt and dad were watching Trading Spaces all day and my uncle was giving the Grumpy Old Men commentary to each design and decision in the design process. After lunch, my dad climbs up into my grandpa’s attic and begins to throw boxes down at me. We completely unloaded his attic because he was afraid that he would leave things up there. He is in no shape to lift things, let alone take things out of his ladderless attic.

All things said, my Christmas Eve/Christmas experience was most enjoyable. I got to see a majority of my family (the ones that matter anyway) and have some time to relax. Now that it’s all over, I’m ready to go back to Bloomington and be with my friends again. Home has lost it’s attraction, especially living with my parents and siblings.

Today – College Basketball all day 🙂

Tomorrow – Heading back to Hartford City. This will be another day of highlightability in my break. My aunt Cindy and uncle Glenn from Texas are going to be here for a few days. I haven’t seen them in more than a year. Seeing my cousins is always a good time.

Anyway as for that entry, sorry it’s so long. Hopefully it was interesting. I’m out for now.

Quote of the day “So far in my life I have learned one thing – Friends and family are what make living worthwhile. Seeing family and spending time with friends are some of the best activities we can engage in.” – Me 🙂 That was me being philosophical.

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