Moveable Type is Gone for Good!

Hey all! Good news!

I finally kicked the Moveable Type out the window. I’m excited, and you should be too.

I have switched to WordPress permanently.

The page doesn’t look identical to the old one but it’s close enough to do for now. The more time I have to play with the styles and PHP code, I’ll get that fixed.

As time goes on and I learn WordPress better, I’ll be putting it on my photoblog and sideblog as well. Tim will also be switching to WordPress.

Why the switch? My hosting company requested that everyone go to an up-to-date version of their blogging software. Since Moveable Type is now a pay service for more than three blogs and more than one author, I decided to swith platforms. WordPress better suits me since it’s coded in PHP. If I don’t like something about the way it works, I can change it. Moveable Type was written in Perl, which is a language I struggle with, at best.

The links will be populated as I have time to do it.

But for now, Moveable Type is gone and WordPress is here to stay.