mmmm…..doughnuts….. So I’m eating my


So I’m eating my breakfast as I type. Long time no post. I apologize to all of you religious readers. I’ve not had anything extremely interesting happen in my life since the seventh. Here we are now on the 13th….almost a week later….still nothing exciting. This last weekend was a staff weekend for people who worked on staff last season. It was mainly interview weekend. We executed a service project in which four of us walked the Red Line Trail (named because the trees are marked with red spray paint in lines) from Lake Scuz all the way to Grubb Road (about three miles) and scraped the paint off of the trees. When the trail was made, it was placed partially in the Hoosier National Forest. The Department of Forests or whatever the government agency is called (not the National Parks Service) doesn’t like when people use their property for things other than hunting or whatever. Now the retarded thing about our grafiti removal excursion was that the marks we were scraping into oblivion were the same stripes we created one year ago at a very similar staff weekend. Maybe we should have checked what we were doing before doing it.

Anyway, the weekend was fun. I had my interview which was odd. I really really want to work at the waterfront again; however, Steve is returning as director and Matt doesn’t really want me to be down there under him because I’m too strong of a leader and he would like to see me in another part of camp. We talked mostly about the High Adventure area which includes a C.O.P.E. course (Challenging Outdoor Personal Expirence — Children Outdoors Playing Enthusiastically), the climbing tower, and the Venture program (for older scouts who don’t want to do something in the camp program). I applied for that position during the summer thinking that it might be something I would enjoy; however, during the off-season, I thought about the position a lot and decided against it; therefore, it makes sense for me to be seriously considering the position again. Currently I am thinking that it won’t be that bad of a gig because it’s something that isn’t normal to have in a scout camp.

On a lighter note (and one with shorter sentences :))…

Today at work, there were some weird happenings….

STRANGE HAPPENING NUMBER ONE — Outside the building there were a bunch of rabbits. Now if you’ve seen Donie Darko (I highly recommend this) you know that rabbits are freaky creatures. So….Micah, Dave, Jacob and I are convinced that the rabbits are the squirrels hitmen. You see, the squirrels are constantly trying to attack the computer labs simply because they can coordinate mass destruction campuswide. Micah and I are the only people who can keep them at bay, with the assistance of Dave and Jacob. These are all guys I work with. Micah and I know so much about the squirrels’ attack plans that they have tried to fool us by using the slower, less intelligent rabbit as their assassins. Muah ha ha….their evil plan was foiled yet again by Captain Stoobing and Major Biggles.

STRANGE HAPPENING NUMBER TWO — I go to use the bathroom (good story already…). Right next to the bathroom is the phone. There’s a guy sitting on the floor, with the phone plastered to his head, sleeping. A little strange if you ask me. Especially since this occured sometime around 2:00 a.m. The only thing that I can figure is that he called 1-900-YOUR MOM and fell asleep while she was talking to him :).

STRANGE HAPPENING NUMBER THREE — Sometime around 4:00 this morning, a random customer comes up to me with a camera and asks me if I would take his picture. I say sure and we go into a computer lab to get this mug shot taken. When I say mug shot, I mean mug shot. He wanted a picture from the shoulders up facing forward, and yet another from his side from the shoulders up. I don’t know why there is a need for those pictures that you are so desperate that you would ask the consultant to take your picture. Strange man….strange.

Now for the most important news of the day…ERIN IS BACK IN BLOOMINGTON!!! WAHOO!! πŸ˜€ Happy Birthday Erin πŸ˜›
(today is her birthday and for her birthday, IU got her a new semester of class) πŸ™

Alright, that’s the end of this entry. Expect quasi daily entries from me until the end of the semester. Ciao

Quote of the day “His hobbies are skating, running from the police, and making fun of Bon Jovi.” — Johrdan (The King of the Jews) when talking about one of his skater buddies.

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