MEMO: Indiana University Basketball

To: Indiana University Athletics
From: Concerned Indiana University Basketball Fans
Subject: Basketball Head Coach at Indiana University

We feel that the direction that Indiana University Basketball is heading is not acceptable. It has us worried that a basketball program as storied as the one at our university is struggling through a tough season. We understand that the schedule in question included playing teams such as North Carolina and the University of Connecticut, defending national champions, but performance is not what it should be.

We are Indiana! Other teams should fear coming into the Assembly Hall to play the Hoosiers. Indiana is the team that will knock off top ranked teams in Bloomington and play hard and tough when they are away from home. The Indiana team of 2004-2005 is a team that tucks its tail between its legs and runs away from opponents. Going up seventeen points against Connecticut and Missouri and then losing the games in the second half is a prime example of horrible basketball.

“Why not blame the players?” you may ask.

It is hard for us to believe that a Mr. Basketball from Indiana, a player from Pike who transferred out of the state for his last year, one of the top ten recruits in the country, a backcourt rated among the top five just a couple years ago and multiple veteran players who have had their skills tested throughout their years in college are not capable of playing better basketball. As soon as they start building a rhythm, making shots, they are pulled from the lineup by a coach who would rather give them rest than have them keep up what they are doing.

Indiana Basketball is on the verge of a second straight losing season, a second straight no show for postseason play, and that is unacceptable. It is a long climb out of a two and six hole, especially when we have to play the likes of Illinois, top ranked in the country, Iowa, recently knocked off Bobby Knight’s Red Raiders, Michigan State, Tom Izzo, need we say more?, Ohio State, who also handed the Raiders an L, and Wisconsin, who knocked off then number twelve Maryland in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. Indiana sits at the bottom…THE BOTTOM of the Big Ten standings. Not very many people alive can remember the last time this happened.

We are calling for change. If Coach Mike Davis cannot win the next four basketball games this season (Ball State, Oral Roberts, Furman, Northwestern) and does not clench a NCAA Tournament berth for the second straight year, he should either hand over the reigns of this program deep in tradition, or have them forcefully taken away and handed to someone more capable of leading this team. He does not do anything to develop his players and does not coach during the games. Mike Davis is a figurehead at the helm of Indiana Basketball letting his assistant coaches make decisions during the games. The only time that Davis leaves his seat to coach during the games is to argue with an official over a not-so-questionable call.

Mike Davis’ coaching style and attitude should have been left in the role of recruiter, a role that fit him like a glove. His ability to take a team coached by the legendary Bob Night to the final game in the NCAA tournament should not be grounds for a contract extension. The athletic department should have hired a real coach with real coaching talent rather than supplant a recruiter into the head coaching job.

The Mike Davis era of Indiana Basketball is a stain on an otherwise gleaming tradition; a tradition dating back to 1901 when Indiana formed a team. It needs to come to an end to allow a new era to bloom and bring Indiana Basketball back to the forefront of NCAA competition.

Concerned Indiana Basketball Fans

5 thoughts on “MEMO: Indiana University Basketball

  1. I can’t help it… although I agree with said post, it needs to be more concise.

    For instance:

    Dear Athletic Department,

    Fire Mike Davis.



  2. ESPN had a vote on it’s site the other day… it included you (“Concenred Indiana Basketball Fans”). It asked who in sports had the most unrealistic views about their team’s winning. Notre Dame Football won… but IU Basketball fans were on there very well deserving. And this post is the reason.

    First… you are concerned with the way the team is ‘heading’. I am going to assume that you were ‘concerned’ when we couldn’t get out of the first round of the NCAA Tourney for 5 years in a row… but i can’t recall anyone ever saying ‘Fire Bob Knight’. What i really would like to know is how anyone expects Coach Davis to get better then ‘National Champion Runner-Up’. There’s only one team better then that.

    The whole ‘tucking tail and running thing’… yeah i don’t know what team you have watched but we have ALWAYS played like that. We are much safer going into halftime down 10 or tied then up 10. If we are winning by double digits at the half we have a big problem… been like that for at least 10 years (See: During Knight and Davis’s reign).

    BTW… lets get some things straight FRESHMAN Mr. Basketball (won by 2 votes… closest vote since 1993… number 77 on 2004 Rivals top 150)… FRESHMAN player from pike who transferred… FRESHMAN top 15 (he was number 15 on the 2004 Rivals top 150… number 4 best PF)… as for the ‘backcourt rated among the top 5’… i don’t know where you got that unless you mean when Bracey and Marshall were incoming recruits. Marshall was way overrated beacuse they rated him as his natural position… the one he played in HS… the 2… not at point where he is forced to play for us. I also don’t count Kline, Roberts, Tapak, and the other backups as ‘veteran’ either. Most of our ‘veterans’ are walk-ons and guys who wouldn’t start anywhere else in D-1 either. BTW you failed to mention the two recruits we had who went Pro (one who is starting for his NBA team now). Even after those two left we still had a top 2 recruiting class… second time in Davis’s tenure we had two classes in the top 5 (In Davis’s 4 chances as a head coach). You also fail to mention our Auburn transfers who came because of Davis (one of which was 2nd team all SEC.. the other is our biggest need: a true Point)

    BTW… i remember the last time we were at the bottom of the Big Ten (see my previous paragraph about “National Champion Runner-Up”

    Now… i will say this. Give Mike Davis one more year. Even if we miss the tourney this year… give him one more. If he cannot perform next year (with or without Bracey) when he has the two Auburn big boys and an additional year of play on the belts of Ewing, Strickland, and the rookies… then i agree he should be canned. I don’t think we can keep him to recruit as he will assuredly get another chance somewhere else… but recruiting is only half the battle; you still have to win. Also give the man a break… We just got done playing 6 straight Tourney teams for the most part we gave the good teams runs for their money. Don’t tell me that teams should be scared coming into Assembly Hall. I know you saw that North Carolina game and the worried looks on their faces. They are a concensus Final Four contender this year and we took them to the wire! Don’t think Illinois will get such an easy win… we do only play them at their version of ‘Assembly Hall’… but i don’t think we’ll get run over. Have faith… it’s not something we are used to as IU Basketball Fans… but it is something we know of as IU Football Fans!

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