WEARYELLOW :: LIVESTRONG There is a curious fashion going around campus that I’ve waited to comment on. Most of the frat-boys and sorority girls are running around town wearing these yellow LIVESTRONG bracelets.

At first, I thought it was just a poser fad or perhaps a ploy for the frats and sororities to draw attention to their members. Things like that, to me, aren’t worth investing the time, effort and/or money to find out what it’s all about. I’m not one for following the crowd, as most of you know.

Once I heard that the bracelets were a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong foundation, I was even more appalled. Not that they were being sold to raise money for cancer research, but that the Posers of Indiana University (PIUs) were trying to make themselves be part of the crowd by wearing them.

That opinion all changed this weekend, for me.

Now, I don’t know anyone living with cancer, nor have I ever been close to anyone who has died from cancer…

But I have friends who do.

I ran into Patrick Howell this weekend. He was a ranger at RSR this summer and I saw that he was wearing a LIVESTRONG bracelet when he walked up to me. Immediately I started joking with him about it and he stopped me. He said “Do you even know why I’m wearing it?” and proceeded to tell me the story behind his wearing of the yellow.

Instantly I felt like an ass, and it caused me to think to myself, “Is this a cause that I can get behind and one that I am willing to support?” The answer is yes.

I received an e-mail from my father this morning asking if I would like a LIVESTRONG bracelet. He had bought a few and had given them to my mother, sisters and some of his work acquaintances. I told him to save me one and I would wear it.

Some of you might start asking “But you’re not donating money to the cause.” My response to that is that supporting a cause is more than just giving money. It’s more about raising awareness and bringing more people into the following. I will eventually be donating to the cause, but right now I am not able to, financially. I can just raise awareness and encourage others to follow the example set by Lance Armstrong.

After all of that, I realize that it appears that I agree with the PIUs with their wearing of the band… Truth is that I don’t. It’s not right to turn this cause, or any other for that matter, into a fashion statement. If that is their motive for wearing the bands, they should be ashamed of themselves. However, I am not going to criticize anyone else about wearing a band because what if they do have a reason other than fashion? What if they are wearing it to show support for a loved one? What if they are wearing it to remember a lost friend?

Well, there you have it, the reason that I will soon be joining the LIVESTRONG movement. Criticize me if you want, lump me in the PIU group if you must, but I will still continue to support this cause. Who knows, maybe one day in the near future someone in my family, one of my friends or perhaps I might be suffering from cancer.

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9 thoughts on “LIVESTRONG

  1. It’s funny – before the end of August – no one, and I mean no one had them on – now, just like you said, it is the fad around campus – most of them are posers.

  2. I had no idea what those braclets were for….it isn’t a fad at my school but a lot of people do wear them…I might have to find me one because one of my best friends is going through cancer

  3. I can’t remember exactly the story, which is why I didn’t re-tell it above. He either has a close friend or close family member who has suffered through cancer. When he told me the story, I was running on zero sleep for the last thirty-six hours so I can’t really recall the specifics. The point is that it changed my mind about the LIVESTRONG bracelets.

  4. didn’t he ask about that on the previous post as well?? and didn’t i also say that more pictures of staff weekends are overrated, but rather more pictures of myself should be included, cause of my 1337ness??

  5. OR…tom could finally get around to those pictures from the other weekend…(wink, wink…knudge knudge)…

    Me: we have to bow…no idea why…we just have to…

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