Little 500: The Recap

I must apologize for my lack of posting in the recent weeks. The reason is simple. I don’t have much free time and I really like spending my time with Erin, so the free time that I get is spent with her in one way shape or form, hence the blog getting ignored. I will make an honest effort to update more often during the next couple weeks.

This last weekend was possibly the BEST weekend I’ve ever had. Thanks to Erin and her totally awesome brother, Kevin. He came down for the weekend to hang out, and to be honest with you all, I was very nervous about meeting him. But as soon as he and I made it through the akward first ten minutes, we got along famously.

If you could imagine me as a twin, that would pretty much be Kevin.

So here’s the weekend’s events:

Thursday, I chilled with Erin after I got done with work, we talked, chilled. that’s about it. That night I get a call from none other than the famous Michael Mojonnier. Let’s just say he wasn’t quite himself. For being the first time he talked to Erin, he left quite an impression. I’m sure they’ll get to know each other better this summer.

Friday night was the best. We sat around, got wasted and danced around Erin and Shae’s place all night. No drinking games were needed, we all were ready to get smashed. The events of the evening unfolded and eventually Kevin ended up dancing with a stick, diving from a packet-of-something gernade and talking to me about my choice in vehicles (which he approves of, btw). Shae and Erin tried to do a step dance, which ended hilariously… and the best part is I HAVE VIDEO OF ALL THESE THINGS! They will be posted, somewhere at some time, and the links will be here.

Saturday morning was the traditional KEGGS AND EGGOS party at 322. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the pre-race drink fest. It was a bit lame this year, partly attributed to the folks who were there and the festivities that were set-in-stone planned.

Naptime ensued.

After naptime, dinner and then more drinking. We played drinking games, watched Robbin Williams Live on Broadway and watched as Kevin went Kung-Fu on the moths that decided to join our party.

That very night, the famous Michal Mojonnier tried to call me again, only I didn’t hear his phone call.

Sunday came around and everything was over… Erin Kevin and I went geocaching, a sport that he wishes to beat me at now. We went out to the Haunted Cemerary in the Morgan-Monroe. On our walk up to the cache, we walked past the graveyard, and got yelled at: “Brian” – random guy, “Nope, not who you’re looking for” – me. On our trip back, these dudes were in a circle around a fire in the middle of the graveyard with their hands to the sky…

We definitely interrupted something that we should not have seen.

As we were walking out of the graveyard, more people showed up. These guys would bring the total up to near 20. They weren’t as “friendly” as the other folks. They were rude to us as we were walking back to my truck.

When we arrived at the truck, we definitely heard a guy scream… loudly… from the graveyard…

Needless to say, we hopped into my truck as fast as we could, and drove off…

On our way out of the forest, we notified the proper authorities and they checked out the situation of suspicious people…

That’s all for now…

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayGet Back – Godsmack

Heroes of the Weekend – Erin, Shae and Dan for making my weekend awesome.

Hero of the Indefinite Time Period – Kevin for putting the “icing” on the weekend. It was awesome to meet him, and it’s even more awesome that he’s my girlfriend’s brother 🙂

Quote of the Day – “MY TEXT IS VISIBLE! MY LIFE IS AWESOME! I LOVE YOU!” –Erin after I explained to her how to change the foreground color using CSS.

Current Mood – Elated. What an awesome weekend!

Until the next post…

10 thoughts on “Little 500: The Recap

  1. Haha… actually, the creepy Klan people asked for Chris.

    I think you’re my brother’s new favorite person.

  2. holy crap…the thing about the graveyard has officially creeped me the hell out…mainly because when i drive by graveyards at night i have this urge to stare into them…and then i start seeing crazy things like flashing lights and rustling leaves when there is clearly no wind…ok…i think i just pissed my pants…

  3. Hey wait a minute. Geocaching isn’t a sport.

    Well, ok, maybe it is? I don’t know. I’m tired, I’ma go to bed.

  4. The crazy thing is that the night before, while working on a java project, Stephen, Chris and I were watching a TV special about a witch-craft group who kidnapped children and ate them. Their main meeting place was in a graveyard, which was creeping the hell out of me.

  5. So that picture you have of me sitting on the front porch steps with the title “you know you’ve had too much to drink when…” or something like that… well, I don’t ever even remember being on the front porch, let alone you taking a picture. What a fweaking cwazy weekend. 😉

  6. yes, yes that was crazy. I have concluded that Erin’s bro needs to be here every weekend next school year. He’s definitely one of my new favorite people.

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