Life Update July

It’s been a while since I wrote last (almost 2 months), but it’s not like you’ve been missing much in my life. After I returned from NCS, the summer began in full swing leaving me little to no time or desire to sit down and blog. It’s a bit depressing because I enjoy sitting down and writing stuff, but I just don’t want to a lot of the time.

To date, I’ve spent two weeks out at camp, both of them down at the COPE course. I’ve got one more week in me (the last session of camp for the summer) so I’ll be heading back out there in two weeks. The weeks I’ve had out at the ‘Burg this summer have been awesome. I’ve facilitated many old friends/participants through, tried a lot of new ideas — some worked, others failed, hopefully taught the scouts a lot, but most importantly, I learned a lot about my facilitation style and about myself.

A couple weeks ago, I went to the Firecrafter Mid-Summer Ritual. I decided to make the trip because I told Tyler that I’d keep him awake on the drive back. Going to Ritual is always a great time to hang out with old friends and to see the “New Face of Firecrafter.” I spent most of the day hanging out with Byer, and when I wasn’t around him, I was hanging out with Allen, DOB and various others. I ended up getting epic poison ivy on my arms and stomach (I still have scabs). Regardless, I don’t think I’m ever going to go back to camp Redwing for a Ritual — the poison ivy and bug bites are almost unbearable.

This week, Tuesday, I finally put my economic stimulus check to good use and bought a 2008 Schwinn World GSD bike from Revolution Bike & Bean. The guy I worked with in the store was awesome! I can’t say enough good things about the store. The bike itself is amazing and I have free maintenance for five years through the Bike & Bean. I’m probably going to be making some stops in there frequently to grab a coffee and chat. I’ve been riding the bike to work since I brought it home. It takes me just about as long to ride to work as it did for me to drive. Granted, I could probably get there quicker, but I take a more scenic route to work because 1) it’s more enjoyable and 2) I don’t want to die on a busy street.

That’s all that’s new in my life… exciting, I know.

I’ve done some work here on the site as well, most of which is under-the-hood stuff to streamline its operation. I’ve added a Photo Gallery link at the top as well as a 101 Goals link. The photo gallery will be used to host photos (obviously) and I’m thinking about replacing Facebook’s photo galleries with these, not the Photoblog. I’ll probably start using the gallery with the images I have from the two weeks I’ve spent at the course so far.

If you want to see what the gallery does, check out ScatteredThoughts\dev for an example. It’s at the top of the page, just like this one.

The 101 Goals link is something different and new that I’m going to try. I’m going to come up with 101 goals by the middle of August and I’m going to complete them in 1001 days. With the long time limit on their completion, some of them are pretty lofty. As of right now, I only have 51 set out, but I’ve been adding to the list just about every day. I’ll be starting the experiment on August 15th, which means I’ll be finishing on May 13, 2011. In about 2 1/2 years, I’m going to try to get a lot of things done, and if I can’t, I’ll donate $10 for each I don’t complete to a local charity. I’m thinking about donating it to the animal shelter, but I’m also trying NOT to think about it so I actually complete everything.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

But in the mud and scum of things \ There, always, always something sings.

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