Life Begins at 60 – 1.060 That Is

Well, I’ve done it again, it’s been far too long since I’ve updated. Lately, I’ve been busy with work stuff, not wanting to write when I get home, and have generally had nothing too interesting to write about (too interesting to me, anyway). If you’ve been following me @tlmasonaea or on Facebook you’ve been staying up-to-date with my life. If you’re not following me, why not?

So, why the strange title to the post? I’m going to be talking about beer, specifically my beer. Even more specifically, my Red, White and Blue ales. If you’re not a beer geek, the number 1.060 means nothing to you. It’s a measurement of what’s called Starting Gravity or Original Gravity for a beer. OG is a measurement of how much more dense than water a specific beer is, water being 1.000. I (along with other brewers) typically don’t use the dot in the notation, but whatever.

The last few months, I’ve been focusing on preparing three beers for a Fourth of July celebration, the Kalevala Red Ale, Osmotar White Ale, and the Kapo Blueberry Ale. The names come from the Kalevala epic poem of Finland, specifically Rune XX – The Brewing of Beer.

Osmotar, the beer-preparer,
Placed the honey in the liquor;
Kapo mixed the beer and honey,
And the wedding-beer fermented;
Rose the live beer upward, upward,
From the bottom of the vessels,
Upward in the tubs of birch-wood,
Foaming higher, higher, higher,
Till it touched the oaken handles,
Overflowing all the caldrons;
To the ground it foamed and sparkled,
Sank away in sand and gravel.

That’s just an excerpt, but that’s the moment of success. Osmotar is having troubles brewing the beer, but with the help of Kalevatar and Kapo, has success.

I’ve also begun kegging the beer:
My kegging system
No longer am I going to wash and sanitize 50ish bottles every time I brew. Sadly, this means that it’s going to be more difficult to transport, but I do have growlers and growler caps to help alleviate that problem.

Nonetheless, here are the stats of each of the beers:

Kalevala Red Ale

  • OG – 1061
  • FG – 1021
  • ABV – 5.25%
  • IBU – 34.8

Osmotar White Ale

  • OG – 1068
  • FG – 1020
  • ABV – 6.3%
  • IBU – 26.7

Kapo Blueberry Ale

  • OG – 1060
  • FG – 1018
  • ABV – 5.51%
  • IBU – 13.9

The recipes will be up shortly under the Home Brewing link at the top of this page. For now, I’m out.

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