Liberal Elephant Pale Ale Brew Day!

Today was a brew day (and tomorrow is too, woot)!

I just recently finished a beer I have dubbed the Liberal Elephant Pale Ale. It’s a simple American Pale Ale recipe that I threw together right before I left work on Friday since I wanted to have a couple of beers to put into kegs together. You can check out its recipe here.

Tomorrow is the much anticipated Peanut Butter Porter’s brew day. I need to figure out exactly how much dried peanut butter I need to use during the boil as to make the beer not too peanut-buttery or not peanut-buttery enough. You can check out the preliminary recipe for the beer here, but after tomorrow, I’m going to modify it to match what I actually did.

Currently in secondaries are my second brewing of the Kalevala Red Ale (made famous by the Red, Wit, and Blueberry Fourth of July party last year) and Mojo’s first solo beer, a Rye IPA. They’ll both be going to kegs on Tuesday/Wednesday evening.

That’s all I have for now. You can check up on The No. 16 Brewing Calendar by clicking on “Home Brewing” at the top of this page and you can find our brew blog at

Time to go crack open another beer and figure out how much peanut butter I need to use!

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