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I had the privilege today of listening to a speech given by Lee Hamilton, Co-chairman of the 911 Commission. It was completely by chance, I wasn’t planning on attending the lecture at all. Here’s how it came about:

I’m sitting there in Marketing today. Our professor is finishing up with one PowerPoint presentation starting another and the software, just like any good Microsoft software, decides to crash. He says “That’s ok, Lee Hamilton of the 911 commission is speaking in the Union, somewhere in ten minutes. I want to go see him, so read about placement and we’ll discuss it on Monday.”

“Kickass” was my first reaction, and then I thought “Lee Hamilton, that’ll be an interesting speech.” So I went to the union right to the Wittenberg Auditorium, the only room in the union to hold an event of that size, and barely made it into the lecture.

Anyway, enough about how I got there, time for my perception of the speech.

After listening to him for an hour and a half, I can’t tell you which way he is going to vote in this next election. He’s an intelligent individual with a great talent for public speaking; exactly what you would expect from a former congressman.

The speech outlined some of what the commission accomplished as well as some of the proposals placed forth in the 911 report. Interestingly enough, the 911 report has made its way to a national bestseller, right up there with Harry Potter.

But I digress. I’m not going to summarize what he spoke about; instead I will relate the subject to the debate that happened this evening. It was the first debate that I saw live and frankly I wasn’t impressed with Dubbs at all. First of all, I couldn’t stand to look at his crooked face for more than 20 seconds at a time. His mouth sags to the left, and his left eye is higher on his face than his right.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that after listening to both Kerry and Bush talk about the “War on Terrorism”; I have decided that my vote is going to go for the individual who is going to at least consider the recommendations made by the 911 Commission. That individual is John Kerry.

I don’t have enough space here to discuss why Kerry is going to follow the report and Bush isn’t, so if you want to talk to me more about it, hook up with me offline.

That’s all for now.

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Song of the DayHeadlights – Dispatch

Quote of the Day – “I was giving a speech and mentioned that I voted 16,000 times while in the Congress. One of my constituents called me that day and said that retirement was the only decision that he agreed with.” –Lee Hamilton, on his retirement from politics.

Hero of the Day – Professor Kitsmiller for letting us out of Marketing to listen to Lee Hamilton.

Current Mood – Relaxed for the first time in a couple weeks… and it’s AWESOME!

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12 thoughts on “Lee Hamilton

  1. tom, i really wish that i could agree with you when you say that you beleive EITHER of those men will take into consideration the 911 commission. but, remember, the war on terror is only half the battle. neither has a good plan, and kerry’s domestic agenda looks dreary.

  2. Jimi, I think it’s more that I’ve come to the sad conclusion that no matter how I vote in this state, it’s not going to matter in the long run. Indiana is going to vote Republican and there’s not a damn thing my vote is going to do to change that.

    America is not a true democracy and it won’t be until the electoral college is eliminated and presidential elections are based soley on a popular vote, where each and every vote is counted and can make a difference.

    And I will not vote for Bush

  3. Consider yourself lucky, Luke. I’m moving out of this state as soon as I can. Not just for that reason, but for others as well.

  4. Ok, first off were are you moving to. Secound do we really want a president that changes his mind just because he wants to impress the press not because it is the right thing to do. At least bush has morals that he follow’s. What are some of Kerry’s?

  5. if by morals, tyler, you mean sending over 1,060 americans to die in an unpopular war, then yes, he does have morals. if by morals, you mean he believes in education, but hasnt done anything practical in the past four years to do anything about it, then yes, he does have morals. if by morals you mean that he is a “good father” who led by example in teaching his two daughters to become whores, then yes, he does have morals. morality isnt the issue: both men suck.

  6. Agreed, Jimi, agreed. The only reason I’ll be casting my vote for Kerry is that I’d rather see an indecisive president than one who blatantly goes against the popular opinion in the country based upon his own viewpoints.

    As the president of a country, your job isn’t to impress your beliefs on everyone else and act as you want to. Your job is to act according to the citizens’ beliefs. And, if the majority want to send their children/brothers/friends to die in Iraq, they can be my guest–but I’d like to meet that majority.

  7. I still say they are going to be the downfall of our nation. Ok, i have heard Kerry said he has plans for everything what are those plans and what is he going to do to end the war, bring everyone home and still have a peaceful Middle East.

  8. I won’t vote for Kerry because he agrees with abortion, which means that 3000 innocent children being killed EVERYDAY is okay…that is more than can be said about the number of people killed in Iraq

  9. Not to make this a political forum, but Victoria, if you listen to what Kerry says, he does not agree with abortion, nor does he support it. He just feels that because there are many Americans, he does not want to legislate an opinion, not shared by all Americans. Hence his stance on gay marriages, he doesn’t agree with it, but he doesn’t want to legislate it!!

    To think Bush is better, because he wants to legislate his opinions alienating many Americans, and disregarding his advisors, to many other things…..unbelievable.

    It’s almost like saying I’m voting for Kerry just because he opposes the death penalty. There are many things at stake here, and in due honesty, bush isn’t going to do shit about abortion in his 4 years anyway, we have more countries to bomb.

    Sorry, just had to vent, it really doesn’t matter, you’re in Indiana!

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