Lake Fun!Saturday was one of

Lake Fun!

Saturday was one of the most fun days that I’ve had in a while.

I had to get up earlier than I wanted to Sat morning because my mom came down to get my truck so that she could have it fixed. I definitely do not enjoy driving her car. It’s way too touchy on the gas and it’s brakes hardly work. I’m more afraid to drive it than I am to drive a falling apart old clunker.

Anyway, Sat was the KKPsi Day at the lake. It was great. There were 12 of us that ended up going out there. We got to our shelter, had some lunch, hung out a bit then decided to get a boat. Rosemary and I went down to the boat hut to see what they had. It ended up that the double decker party boat with slide was only going to run us $20 a person. That, my friends, made my day. We spent the whole afternoon out on the lake jumping off the boat, swimming, and having a grand time. When I got home, I had so much work waiting on me that I ended up falling asleep at my computer sometime between midnight and two…

Sunday was a normal Sunday… woke up around 11, did some homework, went to bed, woke up at ten to get ready for work, made it to work… and here I am now… Not too exciting, I know. I’ll post again tomorrow after the marathon kkpsi meeting.

What I see out my window…
Well, my window right now it black outside…completely black. I’m in the IC so all I could see is the SPEA and Business schools if it wasn’t dark. Tomorrow should be nice, which is hopefully a precursor to how the Psi meeting will go… nicely. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night and hopefully so is the rest of the chapter.

Song of the Day Water Stop – Dispatch

Quote of the day “Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam” – Office Space