Just-Past-Mid-Summer Update

Ok, so I was planning on writing at least once a week in here just to keep track of everything that happens week to week, but I obviously haven’t done that. But here’s my summary of the summer the last few (ten) weeks…

It’s been AWESOME!

The kids at COPE, with a few exceptions, have been amazing; the High Adventure Staff (Devin, Phil, Carney, Hayden, Billy and myself) are a great group and work together well. What other staff would throw a watermelon off a 40′ building just to see it hit the ground? Ok, let me re-state that, what other staff would have the means to throw a watermelon off of a 40′ building and video tape it as if it were part of a security talk? Yea, I don’t think any of them would.

All in all, camp is going very well. I’m really going to miss the place after this summer. I’m going to have to find time to get off work to go volunteer a week at COPE during the summers from now on…

In other news, the job hunt is going fairly well. I’ve applied at about ten places, had a few email and phone conversations about my skills and a few “you’re not qualified enough” and “you’re over-qualified” responses to resumes. It’s really frustrating to hear that I’m over-qualified, especially since I just want something that will pay the bills and give me some experience in the real world. I’m not looking for some amazing, right-out-of-college job, just something to get me by. At this point, I’ll take anything, anything at all.

The last thing I’m excited about is that I finally got rid of that god-awful standard Indiana plate that I had on my truck. I now have a Scouting plate 🙂

boy scout plate

That’s all I got for now. Time to go wake Erin from her nap so we can do laundry and get food of some sort.


The End-of-the-Blog Rundown
Song of the Day
Quote of the Day
Ben Snipes: Ben to the QM.
Walter Beck: Go ahead Boss.
Ben Snipes: You guys are checking for damages in those tents you’re folding, right?
Hero of the Day — DOB just for being awesome
Villain of the Day — Menial Saturday Morning Busy Work… Seriously!
Current Moodexhausted — Exhausted from a long summer and loving every minute of it!

Until the next post…

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