Joining the Twentieth Century (EST–>EDT)

Indiana has finally decided it’s time to join the rest of the country in Daylight Savings Time. The rest of the country adopted Daylight Savings Time in the early 1900s, shortly after the idea was created in Europe to help conserve energy during World War I. It’s about time Indiana got with the program.

The only problem that I have with this whole Daylight Savings Time thing is that Cingular hasn’t changed the time on their towers… They must be running Microsoft Windows and have their time zone set to Indiana (East). Shoot, my computers made the switch without a problem and their time zone was set to Indianapolis, USA. Then again Apple just released an update to OS X 10.4.5 that included some time zone fixing. Why couldn’t Microsoft release one for Windows that resolved this issue? Oh that’s right, Microsoft is slow about fixing every problem with their products…

Ok, not going any further with that rant because it’s not worth it.

Friday, we had a staff meeting for STC. We talked about a lot of things like our preparation for I-CORE, our lost and found and security policies. The last thing we talked about was what to do if there’s a tornado. The lady talking about it informed us that we can’t force people to leave the labs and seek shelter when a tornado is in the area, etc. There has apparently been a four page paper drafted about the library’s policy dealing with tornadoes. At the end of the meeting, the lady in charge said “Let’s just hope that we don’t have a tornado before you all can see the policy.”

Oh the irony…

For you who are reading from outside Indiana, we had some pretty nasty storms this weekend. Friday night was the worst. There was a tornado that skirted my parents’ house in Shelbyville. They were without power for a while.

My parents are getting a new roof put on their house and the workers were scheduled to start working on Friday. Well because of the storms they had to begin working on the roof on Saturday. I just hope they got done before the storms hit on Sunday night

We also had some intense weather down in Bloomington. Will, Erin, Chris and I grilled out right before the storm because it was freakin awesome outside (Dunedin — this is why we were /afk forever). Chris brought over some Corona and we had burgers and dogs. Just as we were finishing eating, the storm was starting. It was really bad for about fifteen minutes, and then it was fine. Apparently, there were conditions favoring a tornado only five miles south of where Will and I live, which made us want to chase after it.

To cut a long story short, our first chasing attempt was foiled by the lake’s flooded banks, Will ended up paying $5 to get us into Four Winds after I warned him it was a dead end, we went out to the damn to watch the lightening and to look at the spillway and then came home. We never lost power and nothing at our house was damaged.

Last night, there were some pretty bad storms again that swept through Indiana. We only had a Tornado Watch this time (unlike Friday when we had a Tornado Warning). Some places in northern Indiana got it pretty bad though.

All in all it was a pretty exciting weekend.

That’s all I got for now


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