javac javaI’ve been doing Java

javac java

I’ve been doing Java homework all day.

Today has been really slow at work, which is really good so I can get homework done. I should post on this thing more often, but now with work and class, I barely do anything interesting. I came to work two hours early today because I had nothing better to do at home. I’ve been working on Java since noon today…blah. Anyway, I almost have the assignment that is due tonight at midnight done. That makes me happy.

Here’s my rant for the day. I hate it when people don’t do their job, a.k.a. hold up to their responsibilities. I had a consultant today that was working and doing a great job while he was on the clock. When it came time for him to leave, he left the lab a total mess. His printer was empty, the chairs were haphazardly thrown everywhichway, he left his snack papers on the consultant station desk…man…what a slacker. Now, of course, this is going to look bad on me, because I was his supervisor. So after it was brought to my attention by Marie at the support center (thanks Marie) I filled the printer, cleaned up the mess and tidyed the lab. ARGH! That sucks.

Anyway, nothing really interesting has happened the last few days. KY and AZ lost their basketball games…saddening, I know. I am now offically going to lose my house poll. But that matters not. I found out that my parents are going to come down to Bloomington (well at least my mom and littlest sister) to take me out to lunch on Wednesday. That should be good times, but I have to work at 2:00. They have Spring Break this week. I would much rather have it last week because it was at least warm.


We went grocery shopping on Saturday so now we have food in our house. This is definitely the highlight of the weekend.

Anyway, I’m outta here for now. Post at ya’ll later!

Mac fund – no change $314.41

Quote of the day “Wait, till I come back to your side and we forget the tears we’ve cried.” Wait – The Beatles

Album of the day “Help!” The Beatles

peace out


PS The Beatles Anthology is now released on DVD. All of you who read this know someone who wants it (hint hint) 🙂