It’s Turn Back the Clock Night!

I’m working on getting a new layout that is a little easier to read on. It will be themed around IU, keeping the three columns but changing the images, and colors. You all should enjoy it.

In other news, I’m so excited for the IU vs MSU game tonight. It is being played at East Lansing, so it’ll be a tough game for us to win. BUT It is turn back the clock night! That means that both teams will be wearing uniforms from the 70’s, Mike Davis is wearing a Red sport coat, Plaid pants, Stack shoes an an Afro. The ‘Fro is because he lost a bet with the ESPN sportscasters (or so it is rumored). He told them that if IU was 5-1 in the Big Ten when it came time to play MSU, he would dawn the ‘Fro and coach the game. HAHA, not so much IU tradition, but it will be a good time nonetheless. I hope it’s one of those HUGE ‘Fros like you see Parliment wearing ๐Ÿ™‚

In other good news, my parents are taking me shoes and pants shopping today ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay new running and casual shoes and some more pants!

To see how my day at work went, check out The Link Below.

Haven’t done this in a while…
Song of the DayTear the Roof Off the Sucker – Parliment

Hero of the Day – Erin, just because

Movie of the Indefinite Time PeriodCATS!

Quote of the Day – “They were lacking some serious ‘Joe-Mentum’ there…” – Dave Berry when commenting on Joe Leiberman’s Door to Door campaign. He left 30 signed campaign pamphlets on doors because nobody would answer their door. Joke is that they were all in Jamaica watching TV saying “Honey, you gotta see this. Joe Leiberman is knocking on our door!” “Quick! Pop in the tape to record!”

Today started off really, really sucky…

I woke up at 6 when my alarm went off, but apparently I shut both of them off and dozed off again. This is bad because I had to be at work at 8… I ended up waking up in a panic at 7:30…

I decide that I’ll leave the house 5 minutes earlier than usual because I want some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts from the BP… BUT NOOOOO! They stopped selling them a couple weeks ago! The closest place to get them is Kroger! KROGER!

needless to say, not only am I working eight hours today, I have to do it on a pop-tart-vending-machine breakfast. If I had a livejournal mood right now, it would be aggrivated…

Lunch today was at Chic-fil-a… I know, not a very promising lunch. It lets me look forward to dinner tonight with the fam… Macri’s Here I Come!

Anyway, that’s about all, I have an hour and a half left, so if something interesting happens, I’ll post it, othewise… peace out yos!

4 thoughts on “It’s Turn Back the Clock Night!

  1. i’ve been trying to figure out the whole “link below” deal… and are they just like LJ cuts? that makes sense. man, is moveable type a lot like LJ? because i can work LJ…

  2. You realize the reason we lost that game was because Mike Davis refused to dress up right?? I mean… Izzo did? And it’s not our fault Nike couldn’t come through with the throwback uni’s…. but Davis… come on! Where’s your fro?? I GOT MINE!!

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