It’s Tuesday….yet another extremely long

It’s Tuesday….yet another extremely long day to add to Tom’s Days of No Sleep…

Well, I haven’t said anything since last Thursday with good reason. Friday was full of me running around and running errands. It was one of the more insane days I’ve had yet this semester. Saturday was a day straight from Hades…all 24+ hours of it. Sunday I thought I would be able to catch up on sleep, but no…..I had to wake up at 7 and not be able to fall asleep until after the marathon election meeting on monday.

Here’s how my Sunmonday went. I did my homework Sunday evening and ended up not getting any sleep before my graveyard because I had way too much coffee to drink at Stephen’s while doing Dr. Dre’s (The German) homework assignment.

So I go to work

The graveyard is the usual….help a couple customers, watch a movie, re-start all the macs. The movie I watched was a bootleg Harry Potter 2. Now, to keep the interesting day going, the method in which I had to watch the movie was pretty crackheadded. It was in two parts on the server. The first part played fine, but lost the audio for about 30 sec. toward the end of the file.

The second part…..hahahahaha
I double clicked on the file and heard the audio but saw only the Windows Media Player visualization. So I try to open the file in Quicktime and Real Player on the PC….no luck. So I think….”hm… Macs are better at AV stuff than PCs.” and take a copy of the file, throw it on the Mac, and open it with the Mac version of Quicktime….no audio….video, but no audio…. I continue to try multiple macintosh players, but none of them like the file. I bet you can see where this story is going now….haha. Yea, copy on the PC, copy on the Mac, a little synchronized clickin with the mice….bingity bangity, Harry Potter 2, part 2 πŸ™‚ Now, yes, the PC in true Windows form had a brain fart and threw the audio a second out of sync about halfway through, but Sync-masta T brought everything back into perfect synchronization πŸ™‚

That was most of my Monday entertainment right there….Classes sucked. We have a Dr. Dre (that’s what I’m goign to call The German from now on) exam on Wednesday, so we spent most of class reviewing….fun times let me tell you…..I101 was as boring as always. we were figuring out what amount of time packets take to transfer over a network….*yawn*

I do have to admit in Dr. Dre’s class, Erin and I had one of the coolest convos ever. Here’s the transcript of the funny part. I am firecrafter695 and she is TayngoMaureen.

firecrafter695: I’ll put you in my coke can….
TayngoMaureen: …
TayngoMaureen: that could be dangerous.
TayngoMaureen: what if you forget i’m there?
firecrafter695: eh, it won’t be too bad, there’s liquid and air ….I’ll throw you an occasional oreo for sustenance…
firecrafter695: hehe
TayngoMaureen: dude, how large *is* this coke can?
TayngoMaureen: or am i shrinking to thumbelina size for this experiment?
firecrafter695: yep. get ready to get coke-canned tinkerbell πŸ™‚

oh the joys of math class…

Uniform turn-in went really well yesterday during hundred time. I was the name card fairy. I handed the name cards to the people in line as they walked in front of me :). woo…

KKPsi elections went shorter than I expected them to. I did get elected president for 2003 and I’m really excited to start working with the new exec council. They’re going to be a good crew to get things done. Props to the PMs that stayed for the entire elections (Kirsten and Beckey). Kirsten was the only one I talked to, but her reason for staying was awesome. I’m glad there are people coming into our chapter who genuinely care about its operation and welfare.

Well, today starts my swimming workout, so wish me luck. I need to come across some goggles still, before I go to the SRSC this evening.

Anyway, my shift is about over and I haven’t read yet, so I’m off to get some highly stimulating reading done.

Quote of the day “It is not our abilities who make us who we are, but it is our choices.” — Dumbledore in Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets

later gators