It’s Tuesday! WAHOO, Thinksgiving Break

It’s Tuesday! WAHOO, Thinksgiving Break Begins today 🙂

Alright, not for me, but that’s because I need this thing called money…so I’m working till thursday and then again on friday, sat and sun.

Ok, So this is my weekend blog entry….since I haven’t made one yet….I know, I’m neglecting my blog….whatever….it has no feelings.

Anyway, Friday afternoon, I went to Purdue….here’s my schedule, then my impressions of lafayette. I got there, and Chris and I went to Triple XXX restraunt. Both being firecrafters, we thought it would be interesting. It’s like a steak n shake without the shake part. Good food. Their slogan is “On the hill, but on the level”….yet another interesting firecrafter reference. The founder might have been a friecrafter, but then again, probably not. Just coincidence.

After dinner we went to a comedy show at the Village Coffeehouse just up the hill from Triple XXX. It was a troupe called The Crazy Monkey. They were funny, but I don’t think they knew when to let a joke die and move on. I mean, honestly, 45 minutes on one joke…..please. Boy In A Bubble (a comedy troupe here in Bloomington) has them beat hands down.

Post comedy, we watched Harry Potter 2. When we got to the theater, the PU football team was leaving…we’ll talk about them a little later. The movie is great. I think it’s better than the book, I know, hard to believe, but I think it’s true. After the movie, we went back to Chris’s place where I ended up falling asleep in a chair watching TV.

A little about Monday…
Monday….what a normal day. Work and then Hundred. I didn’t go to any of the other classes I had because they were either cancelled or I didn’t want to go. Profound statement, I know. Played some quake, watched IU beat U-Mass and Kentucky beat whoever they played. I can’t remember. Hopefully we will end up playing Kentucky in the last game of the Maui Invitational this year. That way we can play UK twice in a season. After that, I went to bed because I had to work at 8:00 this morning.

Ok, and now for the much promised laffayette commentary…..subtitled a dark and dismal city…..sub-subtitled a tale of two campuses

First impression –
While driving thru the city, listening to David Bowie, I began to nitice that everything was the same color….brown. There are no limestone buildings on campus to give it a little variety, just brick….brown brick….. The fact that the sky was overcast didn’t help much. But man, what a dismal city. Purdue’s colors don’t help out any. The black and gold make the stadium and athletic complex very depressing to look at. I’m glad I didn’t go to PU for school, I would have been committed to a hospital for clinical depression by now if I had.

Roads & Parking –
Worse than Bloomington. You have to have a masters degree in engineering to find your way around this place. Maybe this is why the school is known for engineering….I don’t know. They should give everyone a personal tour guide when they cross the river into west laffayette. Unlike the IU campus, parking on the weekends is not free….basically because THERE IS NO PLACE TO PARK ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE WABASH RIVER…ANYWHERE! I had to circle campus for 45 minutes before I could find A parking spot 50 MILES AWAY FROM THE PLACE I NEEDED TO BE! So I drove around for another 30 minutes and FINALLY found a place to park near Chris’s place. We’ll talk about the parking at the movie theater when we talk about the people.

People –
Imagine this being next. My first impression of the people was that it was a normal Indiana town. Pretty hospitable and kind people. THEN, I started driving through town (mind you, my first impression was before I even crossed the Wabash). You can tell a lot about a town’s citizens by the way they drive. Bloomington (although there are some horrible drivers) is mostly kind, corteous people. Granted they’re in a hurry to get from place to place, but that’s their problem. Laffayette…..This is a different story. The people here are extremely rude. From being cut off to being honked at to being almost rearended by busses…..the people in lafayette are horrible. I promised I would tell you about the theater, but I’m not there yet….keep that thought in mind. While driving down University street, I wanted to turn right on Stadium Ave and head toward Northwestern. So I’m sitting there in my lane, with my right turn signal on, waiting to get into the turn lane…..NOBODY LETS ME IN!!! About 15 cars pass me before I give up and decide to drive straight. I eneded up driving past the stadium….Ross-Ade…..whatever that is….some kind of sports drink? So I get to Sports Drink Stadium and there is the PU football team (everything intertwines in this story, I promise) crosing the street I’m driving on. Now being the good IU fan I am, I honk my horn to let them know I’m not going to stop to give them the right of way…..and I didn’t. But sadly I didn’t injure any of them 😉 Not like it would have helped our team anyway, but whatever…

I got side tracked….back to the parking. Parking at Triple XXX was easy, they have a small, ghetto parking lot. There happened to be one spot there when we arrived. Parking at the movie theater made my opinion of people in Laffayette stick. Remember that there is NO PARKING IN LAFFAYETTE AT ALL!!! While sitting with my turn signal on waiting on a parking spot, I am cut off not one, but TWO times by JERKOFFS stealing MY SPOT! TWO TIMES! and to make matters worse, they both turned in front of me after they realized that I was clearly there first! COMPLETE JERKS LIVE IN LAFFAYETTE! (sorry to all of you who aren’t complete jerks, but I can assure you that you are the minority….trust me).

In conclusion, the people in laffayette are jerks. My theory, the town is too dark and depressing for anyone who is not a jerk to want to live there. end of story.

alright, now that I’m through venting, and have one hour left in work, I’m going to try to find something to keep me busy.

Quote of the day – “Which came first, the music or the misery? People worry about kids playing with guns and watching violent videos that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. No one worries about kids listening to thousands, literally thousands of songs about heartbreak, pain, rejection, suffering and misery. Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable, or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?” — John Cusack in High Fidelity

Peace out yall. Have a good Thanksgiving.