It’s the Winter… It’s Not the Winter!

Yea, so, it was definitely snowed yesterday and it was sixty degrees today. I’m getting kinda tired of this damn Indiana weather. Let’s just pray that I get a job somewhere where the weather is more constant…

Yesterday, after I got home from my graveyard, there was a box waiting on me from NewEgg. Inside was something beautiful — a 1GB DDR400 PC3200 stick of RAM. I immediately opened up my iMac, stuck it in and powered it up…

new RAM

That’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? As soon as I have another $80 extra, I’ll be bumping that another 512MB and if there’s someone out there who wants a 512MB DDR400 PC3200 stick of RAM, I’ll sell it for a reasonable price.

Now that that update is out of the way, I’ll also be updating the PowerBook to 1.3GB RAM, but that upgrade is going to happen after the iMac upgrade is complete. Phase III of the iMac update will be a larger hard drive. I don’t know if I want to go with 500GB or 250GB. I have a 250GB I could drop in now, or I could buy a 500GB and keep the 250GB in its external case… Who knows. We’ll see what the wallet can handle when Phase III comes around.

Enough with the Dorkenese… time for something everyone can understand.

I updated the links on my sidebar. If you haven’t updated in a while, you have been removed. If you start updating again, I’ll return you to active link status. I’m also working on transferring this design to /Dev so that I can finally upgrade this blog to WordPress 2.0. But I’m sure you all don’t care about that. I’m also working on getting some usability stuff taken care of as well.

Last night, watched some basketball. Tuesday night, watched IU barely beat Illinois, putting us in second place in the BigTen. Everything is looking good for IU basketball and not so good for Purdue; therefore, we should also be tacking on one more win this weekend, putting us tied for first place with Wisconsin.

On my way home from my graveyard on Wednesday morning, I took some photos of the sunrise. I don’t get to see the sunrise often, so I figured I should take some pics. I posted the first of them in the Photoblog. I’ll be posting more of them throughout the next couple weeks. And I just have to mention again how freakin’ fast iPhoto is with an extra 1GB of RAM!

I know… it’s sad how excited I am about more RAM, but I’m also excited that I have completely themed my desktop on nebulas…

Space Desktop

I also think I’m going to create a LoginWindow plug-in for OS X. I’ve been thinking it would be cool to implement third factor authentication on a Mac, but I haven’t found an existing application to do that. For those of you who don’t know, you can authenticate in three ways, something you have, something you know or something you are. The typical username and password is two factors… two things you know. I want to create a plug-in that requires you to also prove you have a token to login, like a USB key or something. It’ll give me something to do while I’m still searching for a second job.

I installed World of Warcraft on my Mac, but I need to actually go buy it and get a serial so I can create an account. So, if you have someone who has WoW and doesn’t play, let him or her know I’ll buy it from him or her for cheap so I can play. I really want to get into it since I’ve been a Warcraft freak since the original and WoW is the only one I haven’t played.

I think that’s about it for now. I’m going to go watch either UNC play ball or Lawrence North vs. North Central. I haven’t decided which yet.

But for now, be safe, I’m out!

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayThe Wanderlust — Flogging Molly

Quote of the Day — “After a rousing game of ‘guess the virgin’ I’m off to clean spats” — Erin

Villain of the Day — Debt… that’s all I’m going to say.

Hero of the Day — Will and Erin for going to lunch with me after I ran into them outside Lindley Hall.

Current Moodexcited — Excited

Until the next post…

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  1. Yeah I definitely hear you about debt being the villain of the day. In fact, it’s my villain of the month! I guess I’m gonna have to suck it up and go back to McNasty’s so I can pay off my credit card…

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