It’s still Monday… I have

It’s still Monday…

I have a final at 7:15 tonight…..yay Social Informatics (also known as 202, I202, Pooh’s class)…..Whinnie the Pooh meets the end of his class tonight. I hope the course gets curved quite a bit. Most of the students in the class aren’t doing too well. They, like I, are averaging a D in the course. Naturally, there are about 15 – 25 people who are getting As and Bs, but the vast majority of the class is getting a C or D. I really dislike taking classes that are poorly taught.

I spent most of this afternoon studying for this exam, but I’m sure that I’m still not going to do well. I have not learned a single thing in this course besides the fact that multiple people have many varying opinions of how information technology is going to impact our world.

On that note, I was reading a very interesting article on Slashdot yesterday about Bioinformatics (my career choice). If you’re wondering what Bioinformatics is, you should read the article. The Slashdot commentary can be found here Bioinformatics in the Economist and the actual article can be found here The Race to Computerize Biotechnology. Enjoy

In other random news — my Abbey Road LP came in the mail today. I recently won it on e-bay for $2; however, like most e-bay purchases I make, I paid more for shipping ($5) so I got the album for $7 total. Not a bad deal. It’s in great shape and the cover is lightly worn. All I need now is a record player.

In even more random news – Drumline the movie mentions Kappa Kappa Psi. Yay, Psi 🙂 ok, I’m a dork…. I’m hopefully going to go see that movie tomorrow with some Bros. Tau Beta Sigma has a very little silent mention…their crest appears in the background during part of the movie. Of coruse, this is all speculation, only what I’ve heard. We’ll see how it actually is tomorrow.

Tonight after my exam, I’m heading to Stephen’s after a review session for I201. That’s my evening plans. Then sleep….working at 8am tomorrow morning. So….yea. Time for me to get off of here and get ready for my exam.

Second Quote of the Day “damn it feels good to be a gangsta” — Office Space