It’s Nice to be Done…

…with exams…

So I am now done with exams for this semester, and it feels good. The only thing I have left to do is write my part of a paper about wardriving for my Organizational Informatics class. It is the one class that I despised this semester, but it turns out that it might give me something extremely valuable in return.

After Erin, Will and I presented our project to the class last Friday, Professor Camp asked us to come to her desk so we could talk to her. At first I thought it was because we missed the point of the final project, so I was preparing myself for the worst during those three steps to the desk. To my surprise it was quite the opposite. She asked us “Have you guys started your action plan yet?” We replied no, because we weren’t actually planning on implementing it. The then told us that we were really on to something and should pursue it a little further by meeting with the Human Subjects Committee, having our methods reviewed and then publishing our final findings.

For those of you without much university experience, getting published is big news. It means that you’ve proven that you have some knowledge and some research that hasn’t been done before or that you have approached it a unique way. It puts your work out all over the world and gives others a chance to review it and write about it. Every student who pursues a degree above an undergraduate degree must become published in their field. Being published as an undergraduate is pretty rare and hard to find, so we would be ahead of the curve. It also looks great on a resume.

So, the one class I have hated so much this semester has become one of the most valuable of my college career. The only problem is that we don’t know what we have to do to become published, but on the bright side, Professor Camp has offered to help us along our way to becoming published scholars.

In other exam news, my Information Systems Security final was definitely eight pages long. EIGHT PAGES! It had 108 questions, 75 multiple choice and the remainder short answer. It was supposed to be three pages longer, I’m assuming more short answer, but Professor Worker didn’t want to grade that much, and probably wouldn’t be able to get it all graded until after the date that final grades are due. This monster of an exam took me an hour and a half to complete. We get two hours for each final; however, my other finals took me forty-five minutes at most. This one was a beast, but it wasn’t too bad. Some of the multiple choice questions raped me, but that’s to be expected in a 400 level class.

Now that that news is out of the way, on to the more boring news about my life.

So I have a couple plans that I want to put into action over break. The first and most important is to find a second job for next semester. I’m looking for anything that will let me work anywhere between 10 and 2o hours a week. It needs to pay well (read: at least $8 an hour) and they need to be flexible. I have both days on my weekends free and have a lot of free time throughout the week, so this shouldn’t be hard. Special preference is going to be given to a job that will provide some benefits, i.e. I am going to need health insurance since I will be off my parents’ insurance at the end of this month.

The second plan is some sort of workout plan. Now that I’m going to be having all kinds of free time, I’m going to get back to the whole swimming three times a week, climbing a couple times a week and doing some weight training/climbing conditioning a few times a week. I have really been inactive the last semester and have gained back some of the weight that I lost over the summer, so this should be a good way to get myself back into shape. I’m actually looking forward to spending some time in the water and at the gyms (both climbing and regular). I really do miss the times that I would go running/play basketball/go climbing/whatever during the week. It always made me feel a lot better and a lot less lazy. If you are interested in coming along with me, shoot me an email/comment/call whatever.

I do have some bad news. A few months ago, if you’ll remember, I decided to go on an anti-fast-food binge. Well, I broke that binge a few days ago. Erin and I went to Wendy’s and I had a double cheeseburger with fries. It was most delicious; however, I don’t foresee myself actually eating fast-food for a long period of time again. I felt pretty ill after eating it and I’m not sure if it is to be blamed on my illness or if it is to be blamed on my fast-food feast. Either way, I’m going to steer clear of fast-food for a while again.

On the sickness front, things are getting better but they are not cured. I have been on a steady regimen of Nyquil (Thank you Vicks!) and Green Tea. I’ve been drinking the tea warm and it’s helping break up the mucus that has been coating my throat and the Nyquil has been helping me relieve my symptoms so I can sleep through the night. Granted it’s been making me pass-out while talking to Erin before bed, but I hope she understands. It’s not been too long since she too was sick.

I think that’s about all I really have to update about here. I’m going to update the Sideblog and the Photoblog at some point today, so expect them soon.

I hope everyone who is traveling anywhere over winter break has a safe trip and comes home safely!

later all!


The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Musical Experience of the NowLed Zeppelin IV a.k.a. Zoso

Quote of the Day — “I got your email, but there wasn’t an email address for me to reply…” — Deer Park Management

Today’s Moment of Bliss — Watching a short, larger-than-average lady run across 10th St. half way then make a b-line to the corner on the opposite side of Jordan Ave. during the few seconds that traffic is stopped in all four directions while carrying a pile of books that most likely weighed more than she did.

Villain of the Day — Money woes… Every college student goes through it; I just seem to never be able to get away from it.

Hero of the Day — INFO I303 for giving me an opportunity to be published.

Current Moodrelieved — Relieved that exams are over, happy about live and excited to write the rest of this paper for I303.

Until the next post…

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