It’s Caturday!

Well, we (me and Erin) adopted a cat today. We pick her up on Tuesday, so we don’t have her yet.

Her current name is Corey, she’s a six month old gray and black tabby with white paws. Here’s her info but the picture doesn’t do her justice. She’s pretty active (and likes me better than she likes Erin).

So here’s what we need… a (better) name. The names in the running currently are:

  • Halas (my favorite so far)
  • Lovie
  • Corey
  • Urlacher
  • Ditka
  • Bear
  • ZOMG Cat!

So here’s where YOU come in. You can submit a name or vote on one of our names (using the comments section).

Let me know what you think!

16 thoughts on “It’s Caturday!

  1. Now, now… one instance of choking at a young age in no way equals many, many years of choking when it counts. If that cat chokes a lot of times, she’ll die. 🙁

    And Paul reminds me of Paul McCartney. And we just can’t have that. No way.

  2. Gotta be careful with “Lovie”. That cat will live into double digit years and not every coach is Bill Cowher! I know from experience too… my dog’s name is Dusty… and i don’t think i can rename him to Lou!

    BTW, don’t name it Rex! You don’t really want it to be hurt for the first few years of it’s life… have one great year… and then become a career backup to any other cat in the world, do you??

    My pick for a name would be Smokey… that way you could call it Smoke (or Tony or Stewart or Stewie) as a nickname!

  3. Good call, Homestead… definitely do not want to name the poor cat Rex. Even though it does mean “king.” Rex Grossman–king my ass!

  4. I believe there many chokes throughout the season. Such as the wonderful Packers game. Grossman just had a good enough rest of the team to help him out.

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