It is Done!

Woo! The new design is up! There are still a few things that I want to tweak, but for the most part, it’s done. I also upgraded to the newest version of WordPress (2.5.1) which gives me dynamic control over my sidebar. The sidebar is really where my issues are right now, but I don’t have enough desire to sit around and hack on it today.

NCS Patch

Tomorrow starts my two week marathon of NCS. I’m becoming recertified in Project C.O.P.E. and in Climbing this summer. My Aquatics Instructor certification expired on December 31, 2007, and my COPE would expire this year.

I start Project C.O.P.E. school tomorrow morning. I’m pretty excited about it, although I’m not excited about dealing with the NCS doucheba… er… instructors from certain areas *cough*climbing*cough* at Ransburg. I am looking forward to learning some new things, teaching people how we roll at the ‘Burg and general awesomeness. I’m done with C.O.P.E. school Tuesday at lunchtime, just in time to go back to work for the afternoon, work all day Wednesday, teach Access: The Basics Thursday morning, and then hop in my car to drive to…


What am I doing in Missouri?

I’m on Climbing faculty out there, i.e. I’m teaching the climbing section of NCS at H. Rowe Bartle Scout Reservation. If there’s one C.O.P.E. & Climbing program that has influenced ours the most, it would be the program they run in Heart of America Council. I always learn something new from them and end up finding a way to incorporate it into the program at Ransburg.

So I’m in the middle of nowhere Missouri until next Friday morning when I get to drive back, crash, teach Photoshop: The Basics on Saturday morning, then run the Ransburg Area Directors through the C.O.P.E. course in the afternoon.

I’m going to be pretty busy the next couple/few weeks, but I’m strangely comfortable with it. My co-workers thought I was going on vacation until I told them what I was doing… They were a little shocked that I would spend my time off work working even harder as a volunteer.

Such is life.

Hopefully I’ll have some photos/stories to share when the whole flurry of activity is over, but that’s all I have for now.


Friday, i know where I’m gonna be: faraway from the same old everyday, ordinary.

2 thoughts on “It is Done!

  1. tom,

    the new site looks freakin’ sweet. I’m going to need your help this summer incorporating some flash stuff into my blog, so yeah – i’ve recruited you for it (btw i’ve got some sweet stuff up from these last few weeks if you haven’t checked it out yet). I’m ready for camp to start in two weeks, however it would be nice if i knew I had a job…. no contract yet…. oh well. Well, I’m off to bed, have a good time surviving NCS


  2. Everything looks good, hope you enjoy your time off from the main job doing something you love out in Missouri!

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