Instant Karma

In every class there is the jock-ass.

Everyone knows this type. They are the student who is/was an athlete in college/high school, their parents have a lot of money, they have a motorcycle.

They all think they’re hot shit.

Well, today I chuckled heartily when I witnessed a jock-ass who lived on my floor my freshman year be utterly embarrassed in front of three decent looking freshmen.

He was out riding his cycle with a bunch of his friends. Some of you may have seen them around campus. They were riding up Fee Lane from 10th Street toward the stadium. The jock-ass stops to flirt with these freshmen.

I would offer you ladies a ride, but there’s only room for one

At this time, the guy behind him honks his horn in frustration because he’s starting to hold up traffic. Jock-ass decides it would be a good idea to try to speed off on his bike.

So he gives it gas…

…and subsequently stalls his bike on the middle of Fee Lane. The ladies start laughing their heads off at his “most embarrassing moment” as he re-starts his bike and speeds down the street.

I love it when I get to witness Instant Karma. It’s hilarious.

Hope you enjoyed the story, I’ll post more later.


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  1. Hilarious story!!!!! It is so funny to see the people who think they are all that totally screw up and make a fool of themselves. I love it.

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