I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

So I know I haven’t posted for two weeks… AGAIN!

For that I apologize but you all will be happy to know that nothing too interesting has happened in my life. Not that my life is boring, or that those involved with my life are boring, but… I better stop there before needing a slingshot ride from China to get out of the hole I’m digging.

Ok, bad analogy, back to the post.

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting lately is that I’ve been opting to spend time with Erin rather than my computer. And as much as I love my iMac, I do have to admit that I love Erin much, much more. Thanksgiving break isn’t going to be as much fun as it could be if she decided to stay, but I’ll get through it. It’ll be good practice for Christmas Break.

Another major reason that I’ve not been posting is the guys (and gals) at Bungie. They created a multiplayer game called Halo which was an instant hit among video gamers. On Nov. 9th, as most of you already know, they released Halo 2, the most amazing first person shooter yet. To make a long story short, our living room has been filled with sudden outbursts of “F&%* You P Bandito!” and “Running, Running, Running… safe!” and “Shotgun, shotgun… F$&%!” and other similar phrases. It’s a great game that has taken up much of the free time I have that I don’t spend with Erin.

Yes, I know… What a life, huh? Spending time with a wonderful girlfriend and playing some kick-ass video games.


I’ve also written a three and a half page report in Spanish, developed three dynamic web pages in PHP, completely re-organized some of my fraternity’s belongings and managed to go to class and work.

To say the least, it’s been an extremely busy last couple of weeks for me. Things aren’t looking to the brighter side either.

Tom Mason Presents, A Thomas Mason Production of Tom Mason’s Thanksgiving Break To-Do List:

  • Design a five minute presentation about Cybercafe security issues and how to resolve them.
  • Devise a theme for a final paper to be written for my Cheating class. I’m thinking something along the lines of how to cheat the UITS Uniprint system or something of that sort.
  • Write my final paper for Spanish Class
  • Write my final project for my marketing class
  • Publish new pictures to the KKPsi web site
  • Clean the house
  • Clean my room
  • Do my laundry
  • Sleep and relax without video games for as long as I possibly can
  • Visit the family

There you have it. I have a lot of stuff to get done before the end of this Thanksgiving Break, but I’m sure that I’ll be able to do it. I have a lot of free time and not so many tasks to fill my free time with.

In other news, there are a lot of quotes of the last two weeks. I bet you’ll all find them interesting. Also, expect daily entries with updates on my To-Do List and such.

Peace out, all!

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the Last Two WeeksSlither – Velvet Revolver

Event of the Last Two Weeks – Mexican Night! It had been planned since the beginning of the semester, but it finally happened last night!

Hero of Last Week – Erin for helping me to de-stress myself during possibly one of my most hectic weeks this semester.

Hero of This Week – Will for, well… being Will.

Quotes of the Last Couple Weeks in no particular order

(during a shift change)
Me: Shut up Dave, I’ll punch you in the face.
Dave: Oh Yea, Rough Week.

(while riding in my car)
Will: Are these walkie talkies?
Me: Yes, what did you think they were?
(long pause while Will twirles the walkie talkies)
Will: (holding the walkie talkies as guns) Needlers!

ourTunes FAQ: Is this a Peer to Peer (P2P) program? Aren’t those things created by Satan to steal Christmas from Baby Jesus?

Devon Carlin: BAIL!!!!! (on my facebook wall from SB02)

More ourTunes FAQ: I hate what you are doing. I hate you. I hate your cat. (and other variants thereof)

Current Mood – Bored out of my mind!

Until the next post…

6 thoughts on “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

  1. I made the mistake of renting Halo 2 and a movie when a friend from work came over last friday night. He came over and 6… had to leave at midnight… and lets just say he never got to see the Movie. =o)

  2. dude, there is no shame in spending more time in front of a monitor glued to a quality (or not so quality) game. life is g00d when body parts are a’flyin!!

  3. i wasnt particularly talking smack about halo, man. i was just stating that it doesnt matter what the game is, playing it non-stop is no waste of time. unless its mariopaint. that was a bad idea.

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