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I need some help with some homework. I need opinions of web sites. I have listed three sites below, what I need you to do is to go to them and give me input on the design of the site. i.e. How the colors make you feel, how the layout makes you feel. I need emotional responses from the web sites, not “oh that looks good, the blue is nice and cool,” more like “The blue makes me feel happy because it’s nice and soothing,” or “I feel angry when looking at this site because the blue reminds me of winter, and I hate winter.”

If you all could help me out, that would be fabulous.

Here are the sites:

  1. John Kerry’s Website
  2. The Death Clock
  3. Noggin

Thanks guys, I need responses by this evening if at all possible!

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3 thoughts on “I300 Homework Help

  1. Ok, hope these help:

    Kerry’s white and blue is calming. Blue = water. Water = soothing. White is just… white.

    The death clock is foreboding. The blood red, plus the black, led to an overall feel of darkness about the site. That, plus the purpose of the site, and it’s well, dark.

    Noggin’s is bright and peppy. Taking out all the sounds, the green is still a happy, soothing color. Add the bouncy music, and the little guys asking me if I want to play hide and seek, and you get a real uppity website.

    Hope that’s kinda what you were looking for.

  2. That is sorta what I’m looking for. I’m looking more for how you feel, like the feelings that certain parts of the site conjure up. Fear, happiness, sadness, etc. The assignment is about the affectual aspects of a web site.

    Thanks for the help!

  3. The Kerry site engenders trust–it’s solid. It also feels clean. And of course the red, white and blue makes me feel patriotic. The picture of Kerry and of the supporters with signs gets me a little excited, which is probably the point of his campaign’s website.

    Honestly, the first thing I felt for death clock was either irritated or anxious. The lines, color, and skull image were a bit too much so I was put off. The black gave a feeling of emptiness which was unpleasant.

    I’d call the third one feminine and/or weak…but possibly it’s because only the background purple would show on this ancient iBook I’m using.

    Let us know how the assignment turns out. 🙂

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