I should be doing homework

I should be doing homework instead of posting, but there’s not enough time for me to start it before my meeting.

It’s been a busy few days. The highlights of my days:

Ice Skating on Saturday. If you haven’t heard yet, I have five stitches in my chin because I fell right when we were all leaving. I was being stupid and lost my balance. It’s not on the outside of my chin, but underneath. It’s still good looking :). I definitely had the best fall of the day. That’s the best story.

Then there was the superbowl party. Fun times…fun times. 😀

I really have nothing else to say this time. I need to get ready to go to psi.

Quote of the day “It bit you” — Lindz when making her phone grab some of my shirt.

7 days till I’m 21 😀

Mac account – $17.99…..Thursday will be the first big deposit.