Home Sweet Home I’m posting

Home Sweet Home

I’m posting this from home, so if it takes me a couple tries, you know why.

/*IU Basketball*/
What is up with IU Basketball? Some people would say that they just suck this year. Some people would say that they just had a really tough conference season. Here’s what I think. After their tournament run last year, they got the infamous head-does-not-fit-through-the-door-anymore disease a.k.a. I have a big head. The 8-0 start added to this making them feel invincible. Then they lost all but one of their conference road games, making their confidence go way down. They will win the next two games and the big ten tournament, then they will be confident enough to do well in the NCAA tournament. Maybe even bring home the National Championship that they were cheated out fo last year.

I’ve rarely been posting in this thing lately so it’s a different expirence when I don’t have much to talk about. Anyway, here’s my yesterday. I went to Pike High School’s Musicfest. Shelbyville was there, so it was a good time. I saw Chris there (who everyone in Psi thought had died) and talked to him for a while. He’s not taking classes this semester so it’s like he died to us. Anyway…

Ran home for the day today. I had to take care of some things here, and pick up a computer so I can repair it. That brings us up to St. Johns and Duke tied at 71 with 38 seconds to go! Go St. Johns. I thought for sure that Duke was going to win when they were up by 11, but St Johns went on an 11-0 run. Anyway, I’m out for now.

Quote of the day “They’re not getting a number 1 seed” — announcer after St. Johns upset Duke. I love college basketball.

Mac Fund $171.64

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