Hmmm… Very interesting

Thought some of you would find this interesting.

My task for the day is to redesign my home page.

Interesting. It surprises me that during the time of greatest security ever in England, some spooner off the street can get a job like this. Now, my skepticisim is hieghtened when looking at the second picture attached to the article… Can we say Photoshoped? It looks like an image someone submitted to Fark.

Needless to say, I do not believe this article, nor do I believe any of the ones attached to it, I just found them comical and worth a look, just to get a laugh.

Anyway, I’m out. post at ya more later!


4 thoughts on “Hmmm… Very interesting

  1. Ok, so looking again at that pic… it looks way to much like a PS contest.

    So… when are you gonna start submitting stuff? 😀

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