Happy Thanksgiving!

A Happy Thanksgiving goes out to everyone. Since it is Thanksgiving Break and I am working, there’s not much going on. There aren’t many people here, so, naturally, I’m a little bored. The sad thing is that my shift just started. Oh well…

And for all of you who worry about how often I update… suck it. I have a lot going on and update when I can. I try not to make it too long, but sometimes, I’ll go a week without updating, sometimes I’ll update twice in one day. Whatever though. Check out tlmason.com. I used Adobe Illustrator in combination with Macromedia Dreamweaver for my first time ever. It’s very simple, expect more complex things to come now that I have discovered this tool (and it’s name isn’t John, imagine that haha).

Here’s what my mind has been chewing over the past few days:

IU Basketball
C’mon boys! What happened against Vanderbilt? The Commodores have only beaten the Hoosiers twice now in the history of the two ball clubs. That is unacceptable. Not to mention losing by 13 points! The Hoosiers didn’t even pull within six points of the Commodores throughout the whole game. Unacceptable. You guys better shape it up before heading to Indianapolis to take on Xavier. If you all thought the Vanderbilt game was a tough game, wait till Xavier.

The Weather
OK… This has made me sick, literally. The weather here in Bloomington is driving me nuts. On Sunday, it was sunny with a high of 67 degrees. On Monday, it was cloudy with a high of 35 degrees. What is the deal here? Honestly, the stupid weather needs to chill down and find a season it wants to be in and stick with it. No more of this “Today, I’ll be summer, tomorrow I’ll be winter” crap! It has made me sick. I have some kind of nasal congestion that progresses to a sore throat and such by the end of the day. A little Thera-Flu and I’m good to go!

I got a harness!
I bought a Misty Mountain Sonic yesterday. I’m so excited! It’s so much more comfortable than the crap Petzls that the gym rents out. Not that Petzl is a bad brand, just the harnesses that the gym uses. In other climbing news, my shoestring on one of my shoes broke yesterday. I’m not very happy about that, but what can ya do? Time to buy some Dacron to fix it.

Violent Toy List
So apparently most of the toys that I grew up with (and I’m sure a lot of you did too) are too violent for children now. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tops the list. These were my favorite toys when I was little. What is so wrong with the Turtles? I mean, c’mon. The report I heard on WTHR also listed Power Rangers, and some WWC (The wrestling people? I can’t remember what they call themselves now) toy as being too violent for kids of any age. If these toys are too violent, how can they be sold on the shelves of stores in America? Now, I played with toys similar to these (however, not the Power Rangers, they were past my time) when I was growing up and I’m not a violent individual. I don’t know where people get these ideas.

WTHR Online
If you say that there will be a link to a story on your page, it better be there. What kind of “reputable” news agency doesn’t follow up on their own words? Honestly people… jeez.

Last night
Now for your reading pleasure, a recap of my night last night…

Graham and I went climbing after I got off work at 4. This was a good time, but I didn’t get nearly the workout that I usually get. Mostly because we couldn’t stay long because we wanted to go to the All Camps Band concert. It was a good show. I enjoyed the tunes and it was nice to have some relaxation after an already long semester of classes. After the concert, Graham, Natalie and Liz came over for some burgers and tater tots. Emma and her mother also showed up. It was good to see all of them one time before break. Having dinner with brothers can never get old. Thanks guys, you made my night!

I’m heading home (back to the S’ville) today when I get off work at 4. Hopefully the time flies and I can catch a bus back to the house, I really don’t want to walk. I’m ready to get out of this town, it’s been a long semester, and I just want to get away for a few days. While at home, I get to go on a spyware blasting spree. I’m excited :). Yes, I know I’m a computer dork, but it’s fun and easy to me. I’m also going to start looking for some study materials for the GRE. I will be taking it first semester next year and I want to start preparing now so that I can do well on it.

Anyway, I’m out for now. Work is starting to pick up. Yay for Video Editing.

Picture of the day

You should read the article that goes along with this picture. Click here. It’s hilarious! That, ladies and gentlemen, is what is studied at Purdue… Along with Animal Husbandry! hahaha

Song of the day Another Postcard – Barenaked Ladies

Quote of the day
“I need a nap after that.” -Graham after Emma left last night. She always runs a mile a minute, but I love her anyway!

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  1. if those toys are so damn violent…then why do these same right-wing groups support violence and killing (i.e. the war, no control, no hate crime legislation…)

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