Happy Thanksgiving

I know I said I would post about my Thanksgiving Day last night, but I had some iMac issues. I unexpectedly lost power to my iMac making my iTunes Library and my iPhoto Library disappear, as well as some other things that I’m not going to discuss here. Needless to say, it’s all back up and running, except it’s missing all of my iTunes Playlists.

On to Thanksgiving Day…

As per usual, we went up to Hartford City for the celebration. We get there, and it’s just my family and my grandparents. My grandma just got out of the hospital from having stints placed in the arteries around her heart, so it was good to get to see her. She’s on an O2 machine, making her essentially a walking bomb, especially while cooking in the kitchen, but she seems to be getting around just fine. My mom and I kept stepping on her O2 tube thinking it was her feet.

We sat down, ate the cheeseball my mom made, drank some coffee, visited, ate some split pea soup and other munchies (read as fresh veggies and dip) while we waited on my Uncle Glenn to show up to start the turkey. While I was on the phone with Erin, my Uncle Geoff, Aunt Tracie and cousins Elizabeth, Jack and Maggie showed up. As soon as Jack had his jacket off, he ran over and started attacking me while I was talking to Erin. I had to cut the convo short so I could defend myself.

After terrorizing Jack and Maggie for a while, I decided to help the cooks in the kitchen. I made Corn Bread and ate some raspberry candies until Glenn showed up with two of my three other cousins; Heather and Emily. Heather helped Glenn cut up some veggies and onions to put in the dressing and Heather… I don’t know what Heather did, but she was there. I think she played with Laura, Jack and Maggie.

Glenn and Heather put the turkey in the oven and then called my Aunt Cindy to have her bring my cousin Travis over along with the Xbox. Cindy’s family lives in Hartford City too, so that’s where she and Travis were. They get there, Cindy starts helping in the kitchen and Travis pulls out his PSP and starts playing on it. Since there wasn’t much going on, I started watching some Aqua Teen Hunger Force. When Travis and Heather heard the ATHF on my computer, they both started quoting it, and so did Glenn when he walked in.

More terrorizing ensued, then dinner. Dinner was good, lots of conversation about lots of things. After dinner, Travis and I played some Halo and then it was time to go.

All in all, it was a good Thanksgiving. I took some pictures that are located in the More link below.

That’s all for now.


Heather cutting onions.
Grandma told Heather that if she held a cracker in her mouth, she wouldn’t cry while cutting onions. Heather then left the drool soaked cracker on the table.

Turkey Bag
Turkey Bagging Time!

Turkey to the oven
Glenn and Emily putting the turkey in the oven.

Jack and I playing a game of sorts. Jack kept telling me to throw the football in my hand onto his forehead. For some reason, he couldn’t stop laughing… I don’t quite get it.

Hear no Evil
Hear no Evil…

See no Evil
See no Evil…

Speak no Evil
Speak no Evil.

Girlfriend wearing my jacket 🙂

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  1. Yea, I just had to put that picture in there though.

    Jack is Huge, but you also have to realize that the last time I saw Heather and Emily, they were a lot smaller than they are now. Especially since I only get to see them about every other year.

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