Happy New Year

New Year's Eve in South Bend
New Year’s Eve in South Bend with Erin, Will, Rachel and Emily.

Well, I think it’s about time for me to make my first post in 2006, especially since it is a week into the month…

Not too much out-of-the-ordinary has been happening in my life lately, but here is a quick summary of my Winter Break:

I worked and cleaned the house until Dec. 28th. On the 28th, I drove up to St. Charles to hang out with Erin for a week. It’s always fun going up to see Erin, mostly because she’s there, but also because her family is cool. For New Year’s Eve, she and I drove to the South Bend area to hang out with Will and Rachel. We were planning on eating at Fiddler’s (a tasty Irish restaurant), but, much to our disappointment, they were closed. Instead we ate at a nice Itialian place who’s name I can’t remember. After a short nap, we went out to a dance-clubish place to ring in the New Year. It was a good time despite the large lines to get beverages and the large crowd. The next day, we went back to St. Charles. In the next couple days, we both left St. Charles and headed back to Bloomington. That pretty much brings us to now.

Over break, I bought and read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I give the book [rate 4]. It was a very quick read and it was quite entertaining. I’m going to save you all details from the story itself because you should all read the book for yourselves, but I am going to say that I was pretty disappointed with the way the book ended. The ending of the book isn’t bad enough to ruin the overall experience Huxley created, but it is enough to keep the book from getting a higher rating. This book is definitely on my Everyone Needs to Read These Books list. I might actually put this list together depending on how bored I get on my graveyard.

I also bought Walden and Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau. I planned on reading only Walden but once I started reading, I realized that the book would never keep my attention. Instead, I think I’ll only read Civil Disobedience. Its political charge should keep me reading. I don’t feel bad about spending money on the book (singular because they’re both bound in the same volume) because it only set me back $6. If I can get $6 of enjoyment out of it, It’ll be a smart buy.

Today, I inquired about a PHP programmer position on campus. I don’t know many details about the job since the guy I inquired to hasn’t replied to my message yet, but I hope it will pay enough and be flexible enough that it can be a second job for me this semester.

Speaking of the new semester, it starts tomorrow. I’m pretty excited and scared all at the same time. It is my last semester in college, and being such, it will be filled with working, job searching and having a good time. Next year starts the “real world” experience for Tom.

I made an STC Wordsearch on my graveyard this evening. Check it out and have fun finding all the words.

I think that’s about all I’m going to write in this portion of my post since I’m getting bored.

Happy 2006!

PS — I have a problem with the way my div tags are set up on this page. If you are HTML and CSS savvy, please check it out and help me solve the problem. I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to fix this. You can see the error by going to the About the Author page. The sidebar bleeds past the content area and it shouldn’t. It should look like the front page does.

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DaySoldier Side — System of a Down

Quote of the Day — “Man, this is a dry campus, that means you can’t have alcohol anywhere. That sucks.” — Random, probably drunk guy walking through the IC at 3am

Today’s Moment of Bliss — Realizing that some professors don’t know the difference between a projector screen and a whiteboard…

Hero of the Day — Erin because she has a little pixellated soul 🙂

Current Mooddazed — Dazed, mostly because of the graveyard and partially because I’m le tired.

Until the next post…

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. 1. That is a horrible picture of me.
    2. The restaurant was Carrabba’s.
    3. Good luck about the PHP programmer–I was wondering about that.
    4. My soul is SO awesome.

  2. i could’ve told you that walden is completely and utterly boring.
    something to read when you want to take a nap. kind of like watching the history channel. 😉

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