Happy Belated Easter!I was planning

Happy Belated Easter!

I was planning on posting yesterday, but I ended up not having time.

Anyway, my last few days have been interesting. Wednesday I worked…and worked… While I was on my way from Lindley Hall back to the Business area, walking with Casey, I happened upon an instance of instant karma. We were waiting to cross 10th street from the Arboretum side to the Business School side. This car comes flying up toward the library and throws a cup containing some water out the window at Casey and I. The cup landed on the ground right before us, slightly spraying our legs with whatever was in the cup. Imediately after they drove by laughing, we hear brakes screeching and a crash. They totally rear-ended the car in front of them. They had to have totalled their car, the hood was crumpled all the way back past where the axle would be. That’s my story of instant karma. On Thursday, I went to see Anger Management Thursday night. It’s a good movie. Funny, yet not stupid funny. Friday I worked all day, until 4 and then went out to camp to help Dustin build some computers. Matt took us all to Olive Garden afterward for dinner. After that, I went to Angela’s for some birthday fun. We’re all going to go out Tuesday evening with her to play some Sink the Biz. Saturday I worked from noon to four and then went to play some disc golf. Neil beat me for the first time since I introduced the game to he and Ryan at the begining of this academic year. Sunday I was at home for Easter with the fam. We went up north to Hartford City. That was good times. I got to see my little cousins and play some games with them. Today I will be extremely busy. I work from 2:00 – 8:00 and then I have the Psi chapter meeting at 8:45. After which I will be finishing math homework and writing a two page paper draft for my writing class. That’s all I got for a summary of my days for now. More later.

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What I see out my window…

Today I’m seeing gray skies. It’s telling me that today is going to be dreary and unexciting. The mail man is delivering our mail as we speak, hopefully it will bring something other than bills, some good news would be nice. Like maybe, “Tom has won one million dollars.” or something like that. Highly unlikely.
People are driving like idiots today. Pebble Beach on the corner isn’t helping matters. I’ve seen two almost accidents on my corner this morning. I wish the city would clean up the beach, there is no ocean front property in Bloomington, but our corner looks as if it could be sold for millions of dollars.

Song of the day Styx – Show Me The Way

Quote of the day “Dude, I don’t care what you say, she will never be Kosher” — Tony…the comedian 🙂

Mac fund $314.41

peace out