Gunshots Near Campus

I don’t know if this story has hit the Indianapolis media yet or not, but if you haven’t heard, there were some gunshots fired near campus early Monday Morning. The IDS (insert insulting words that start with I, D and S here) reports that around 2:35am on Monday, people living near 14th St. and Indiana Ave. reported hearing 9 or 10 gunshots fired in the street. Just before this incident, IUPD was called to the Union to respond to a fight at the Alpha Phi Alpha dance that was going on at the time. When officers arrived on the scene, a student reported that a man had an SKS rifle and automatic weapons outside the Union. Officers then detained some individuals at gun point who matched the description given by the student. While they were detained, police searches didn’t reveal any weapons. The students were not charged nor were they arrested.

Now back to the incident that happened at 14th and Indiana. Police investigating this report found nine .45-caliber casings and one 7.62mm-by-39mm rifle casing which is the same ammunition used in the SKS rifle. There was also a ricochet mark on the street near where the shots were fired. Nearby residents reported seeing a man fire a handgun into the air. The strange thing about this whole situation is that IUPD didn’t find out about the situation until hours after the incident occurred. Students returning to McNutt dorm reported the incident to a live in officer at the dorm, who notified dispatch.

That was all reported yesterday. Today we saw a headline that reads University Officials, Students Question IUPD Tactics on the front page of the IDS (insert more insulting words that start with I, D and S here). The basic premise of the article is that the students detained on Monday morning feel that they were treated unfairly by IUPD. Some university leaders also think that IUPD overstepped their bounds as a police force. There will now be an investigation to figure out exactly what went wrong because, as Dean of Students, Richard McKaig said, “At this point we don’t have absolute certainty about exactly what happened.”

To me, this sounds like the “students can’t do anything wrong” attitude making headlines once again. Let’s look at what happened:

  1. IUPD responds to a disturbance at the Union.
  2. A student reports that a man has an SKS rifle and automatic weapons in the Union parking lot.
  3. Since lethal weapons have been reported, IUPD draws their weapons both for protection and to deter any would be gunman from firing his weapon(s)
  4. Students who match the description of the suspects are detained and their vehicles searched.
  5. These students are released and not charged with anything.
  6. These students feel that they were wrongly accused or mistreated by the IUPD
  7. The story makes headlines yet again

Now, if I were in the same situation, I don’t think I would be upset if I was handcuffed and my vehicle searched. I mean, what do I have to hide? Granted, they were ordered out of their vehicle at gun point, but what police officer wouldn’t do the same with reports of automatic weapons in the area? Seriously, people. Maybe think about what you would do in the same situation. When you put your life on the line every day to make sure the lives of others can be safe, wouldn’t you protect yourself with the show of lethal force when there are reported lethal weapons that have more firepower than your handgun in the area?

I am sick and tired of seeing the “students can’t do anything wrong” attitude making headlines in the IDS (insert yet more insulting and vulgar words that begin with I, D and S here). Students have figured out that if they want to make headlines, all they have to do is disagree with something that happened to them and put forth this attitude. The attitude that “I can’t do anything wrong” and “I was abused and mistreated” is getting old, folks.

We need to stop criticizing IUPD for trying to do what is right and protect the general public and start aiding them in their quest for a safe campus.

Seriously, people, grow up.

In other news… I’ve decided that I need to update my blog more regularly so that I don’t end up with these marathon posts. I’ll make this life update quick since the post is already pretty long.

I’ve been doing well, for those of you who are curious. Classes are in full swing; I have my first exam tomorrow in Marketing and will have another one soon in Accounting. We’re getting into some really interesting stuff in S433. We started our discussion about TCP/IP and where some of the security flaws are. It’s a really fast-paced class, and that’s what I like about it. For my RISCS — a research project and presentation done either individually or in groups depending on the topic — is going to be on Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. Emily (former STC employee) and I are working on it together.

What else…

Oh, I’ve posted two photos in my Photoblog and a couple of articles in my Sideblog, so you all should go there and check them out. The photos are two photos that I like, a lot. I’m trying to get back to posting in it regularly, so we’ll see how that goes. It seems my creative juices have been running on empty lately.

Congratulations to the Delta Tau class of the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi for starting their membership education process last night! It’s a group of fifteen amazing kids who are all going to make a great positive impact on the chapter. I’m really excited to be one of the big brothers who is responsible for seeing them into the chapter along with their dads. It’s going to be a great semester.

Ok, I said short, so this is the end of the life update. If I haven’t talked to you in a while, it’s not because I don’t like you, it’s because I’ve been hella busy with everything. If you see me online, drop me a line and we’ll chat. Catching me online is by far the easiest way to talk to me.

That’s all for now.

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5 thoughts on “Gunshots Near Campus

  1. i always get the bonanza theme stuck in my head while reading this….please, the marathon posts are entertaining in more ways than one

  2. Tom… you and i disagree on many things… =o)… but this post is not one of them. These kids have to understand that IUPD was just doing their jobs. I feel the same way you do… i would be ok with being detained if i matched the description of these individuals and i was in the area. At the time i would probably be angry, scared, or otherwise upset… but after a few days i think i would actually feel safer knowing that IUPD was taking a ‘better safe then sorry’ stance to these kind of issues.

  3. Yea, agreed. Now that IUPD has started the standard investigation that comes after any police action like this, it looks like they think something went wrong to students, mostly because of the way the IDS reported on the situation. What people don’t understand is that any time a show of force is used by police, there is an investigation that follows to make sure every policy and protocol was followed, not because they think something went wrong.

    I just hate it when law enforcement gets a bad wrap. That probably stems from my dad being retired from the State Police.

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