Grubb Road Ghosts Part II

Sorry for the long time no update… ::cough::JIMI::cough::

Things here at Ransburg have been ok, but that’s not why I’m writing now.

As you can see by the title, the Grubb Road Ghosts have returned. This time, they brought tools, and by tools, I mean a hacksaw. For more here, see the “Link Below”.

In other news, Last tuesday, we had a severe storm for the third time this year. The first two times were during or before National Camp School. Read more about this in the “Link Below”.

I’m so ready for school to start, I’m about to go crazy. Not that I want the summer to be over, because after this weekend, things just became much, much better for me, and not because I want to go back to classes, because I don’t, I just want the people associated with school to come back and be around to chill with. I miss sitting down with a cold beer, talking about nothing important, watching some movie we’ve all seen a million times. That’s why I want school to start.

Check the LJ for an update sometime this week, or next when I have time to sit down and write more.

Peace Out!

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Scout 1: Dude, we’re messed up!
Scout 2: We’re all messed up in our own special way.

Quote of the Week – “Tension! We like our ropes like our women, nice and tight!” – A scout on the high beam walking ot the zip platform.

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The Grubb Road Ghosts Part II, Continued

We went down to the course on Tuesday last week just like any other day. We started running some games, a couple events, usual C.O.P.E. stuff. John was down for the day to lead an event toward his C.O.P.E. Instructor cert. He decided to lead the Track Walk, an event in a polygon shape made out of 2×6’s on which you walk (the 2″ side). We lead the event, debriefed and headed back to the front of the course for a little bit.

We went back out to the course and Chris decides to walk to the back to “check the course” as we call it. He comes back and asks me if we disabled the Tire Traverse (a tire swing). We definitely locked up the event the night before, so I decided to go back and check out why it was enabled.

The ghosts had returned…

And this time, they actually vandalized some property.

The chain that we use to disable the event was cut by a hack saw and was streched out on the ground in front of the tires. It was almost like these ghosts were saying “You can’t keep us from playing on your games. Oh, and by the way, here’s your chain.”

Later that day, Matt T. and Craig went out by vehicle to see if they could find where these people are coming from. They followed a road cut from St. Rd. 446 down onto our property, followed the ridge down, across the creek, and back up onto the top of a ridge in a meadow. They stumbled upon a very established campsite.

If this campsite is where we think it is on a map, it’s clearly on our property. So not only are these ghosts playing on and vandalizing our events, they’re tresspassing.

Sometime this week, the HA staff is going to go out to this site and get a GPS coordinate. Later this week, the HA staff and the Corral staff are probably going to go on an offensive one evening to see what’s up out past Grubb Road.

They will return… the only variables are where and when…

Severe Storms, Take Three

Well, this one was more like a normal weather emergency. The first time the siren went off, I was in Nebraska for Climbing School. The second time the siren went off in the middle of the afternoon, sunny skies, no wind, random bouts with sprinkles… Not your regular weather emergency.

This one was absolutely normal. Most of the staff had seen it coming since about noon that day. After first dinner, the winds picked up to about 40 mph… While the scouts were going into second dinner, the siren went off. We spent about an hour on the ridges in the rain and wind.

That’s about all the excitement I’ve had the last couple of weeks.

8 thoughts on “Grubb Road Ghosts Part II

  1. Ooooh I’ve got pictures of the storm (rather, after it) in my LJ.
    And this thing about people all up in the lowcourse, freakin’ me out man.

  2. I agree with Jess. This stuff about the people trespassing on camp property is very freaky indeed. If they’re venturing to the COPE course, what’s to stop them from one night coming into a campsite on Ridge 5? I hope you guys catch these people soon, but don’t try to do it on your own. Call the local law enforcement. Also, since Ransburg is in the National Forest, I’m sure some federal official person could help out too.

    Be careful guys. I hope to see all of you again next summer!

  3. heh, got those hawks yet?? shit, negro, we could deal with those punks right quick… YEEEHAAAA!!

  4. Dude, the two hawks are here. Between Mojo and myself, that’s three hawks. And if we get the ranch staff involved, that’ll be more armed folks determined to take down their establishment.

  5. It’s pretty creepy, but we’re all thinking now that it’s a bunch of college kids. If that’s the case, they’ll be easy to scare off.

    We are about 90% sure they dont’ even know the corral exists. They’ve not even seen the COPE shelter for all I know. They dont’ like coming out into the open too much, and when there are campers on ridge 5, there’s too much noise around that area. The simple presence of the people there will be enough to keep them away.

  6. We have had visitors in the past as well. We were sure these guys were pros too. They would steal stuff though, from tents on Ridge 5. You all at camp should ask Thad about it. We had a few nights when we chased them along Grubb and towards the Lake.

    Long live oompas

  7. darn college kids

    *slaps self with realization that self is a “darn college kid”*

    Yeah I guess that’s true (about Ridge 5 and such). Just play it safe and keep us posted of what happens with this situation.

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