Grubb Road Ghosts Part I

Today has been an extremely interesting and creepy day.

It all started around 8:45 this morning. I walked down to COPE as usual, met up with Chris and Will who were already down there and got the morning inspection update. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary, there was some trash on the trails, and a few twigs that fell down onto the footpaths.

We start letting in the morning group and Chris pulls me off to the side to talk to me. He tells me that when he was sitting under the shelter, he heard some voices. He went to check them out and found three non-staff/non-camper individuals playing on one of the COPE events, the Mohawk Walk. He yelled “Hey” and they ran off up Grubb Road toward St. Rd. 446.

We thought that was going to be all we would see of them…

We were wrong…


We didn’t see them again, for the rest of the day, but we were haunted by them. A few minutes later we heard them making noise out in the back of the course again. We go back to check it out and can’t find them anywhere; however, the Mohawk Walk is re-enabled and the gate to enter the back of the course was sitting open.

We then turned on the “Ransburg Security Force” mode. The second encounter happened close to lunch so Stymie came over to chat to us. While we were talking, we heard a lot of sticks breaking and leaves shuffling out on the back of the course. We started sneaking up Grubb Road looking for the creators of the sound. We didn’t find them on foot, so Stymie and Ben got some horses, and Craig and Dustin showed up in the Mule 1000.

Dustin and I drove up the road on the Mule while Craig, Ben and Stymie rode up to the trail on horseback. Again, we didn’t find them, so we went to lunch. After lunch, we (Mojo, Chris, Craig and I) came down to the course. Craig, Chris and Mojo heard something back in the woods, so they bolted off into the woods to chase whatever they heard. They found nothing except two enabled events, the Criss Cross and the Wild Woozy, and a gate that was open.

The rest of the afternoon, we searched for these “ghosts” on foot and by horseback. We didn’t find anything, but we did find more signs of them being in the back of the course.

I have a sneaky suspicion that we will find more signs of them tomorrow morning. Maybe even catch these so-called “ghosts”.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Time to go finish a game of Magic with Craig.

Peace out yo!

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

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Quote of the Day
Mojo: (playing the pink elephant game) How many elephants are in that tree?
Scoutmaster: (Under his breath to me) Depends on what you’re on.

Quote of the Week – “I refuse to be a Michael Jackson baby and hang over the edge!” – A scout while solving the Wall puzzle at COPE during Week 3.

Current Mood – Blah

Until the next post!

Check the Photoblog for some of the pics from the last week sometime soon.

8 thoughts on “Grubb Road Ghosts Part I

  1. I’m putting in an order tomorrow for three hawks. One french and two like what camp has. I’m all excited 🙂

  2. Yes, they enabled the events. If it weren’t enough for them to just be playing in the area of the course, but they were playing on the course.

  3. hope yall are having fun with NE 275 this week. too bad youre missing out on homestar’s decemberween in july bash…

  4. So,whatever became of this situation? Did you guys catch the ppl using the course? I hope this works out ok… if someone uses the course (even if they are trespassing) and gets hurt, they could sue BSA.

    Hope everyone’s having a good summer @ Ransburg. I wish I could be down there with you guys. I hope to be there on staff again next year!

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