Grrrr……Stupid Cold! It’s way too

Grrrr……Stupid Cold!

It’s way too cold outside to be walking to and from class. I’ve decided this because my walk from Morrison Hall to Woodburn Hall (About the distance of a city block) made my face freeze so much that it felt like it was going to fall off. I probably had frozen snot hanging out of my nose….well, probably not that extreme.

A lot has happened to me in the past couple days. I’m sitting in class right now, so this might be the rare occasion that I post twice in one day.

First thing…Erin and I broke up. It was a mutual thing. We decided that it would be better for us to just be friends without the baggage of a relationship because that’s what it was like already. Nothing has changed between us besides the title and the cuddling, so I’m still happy.

Second thing….I’m dropping my spanish class. It’s the only class of mine that doesn’t fit into my schedule. It’s my bastart MWF class that meets at 4:40 in the afternoon. I don’t want to have a class that late without one right before it.

Third thing….I’m looking at a position with IU Outfitters as a trip coordinator. I would be in charge of desiging and conducting outdoor activities. I would probably stay more with the aquatic aspect of things rather than the hiking and climbing (although I could do all three and be very good at all of them). That’s all I got about that.


Fifth thing….Classes are going well. I should be able to get either an A or a B in all my classes this semester (except for spanish which I will soon be dropping).

Sixth thing….I still have no idea where I will be working this summer. Matt still hasn’t decided if he wants me in Aquatics or at High Adventure. I have decided that I would enjoy both positions equally. I don’t care where I am. They’d both be fun.

Seventh thing….LINDSEY IS IN TOWN!!!!

Eight thing….I’m starting to work with Jeff and Dustin on some programming and design for camp. We meet online and work together using MSN messenger. I’m excited to work on a real programming project rather than one that is just done for a class.

Ninth thing….I’m still saving for a Mac computer. I still only have $17.99. I get paid next week, so that number should go up.

Tenth thing….This is a phone number I have to remember….419 424 3414.

News from the rest of my life…..well, that’s about it. haha

Quote of the day “You write to your friend in this file then you javac java and he understands.” — Prof German while talking about how to make a java program work.

later yall