I really don’t want to study right now. I just finished cooking and I’m nice and full and I really want to just suffer from food coma for a little while, then go play some basketball. But this is my study break, so I’m going to blog…

I had my BUS S302 final today. Management Information Systems (MIS) is done! I also sold back my book this morning and got $59 for it! Yay for me 🙂 The exam was quite simple. It was in the format of the case studies that we have been working on this semester. The only thing I learned in the class was how not to teach should I ever find myself in a teaching position. My prof, we’ll call him Buddy, was the most horrible prof I have ever had. The class was the biggest waste of my time because all he did was talk about things I already know. I’m not even expecting to do too well in the class because I forgot to do a couple of our Tech News exercizes and I never went to class. Whatever though, I don’t care, I’m done with it. It’s only an Informatics Elective course anyway, not even required for my major. I wish I would have taken something else more interesting, like Human Computer Interaction rather than MIS. HCL is a field that fascinates me.

*steps off soapbox*

Tomorrow is going to be a day full of studying. I may take a study break to go climb for a bit, but it will be well diserved. After that I’ll have to go to work, you’ll probably hear from me then. My next final is BIOL L311 Genetics. I’ll be studying the genetics of mice, Drosophila, Arabidopsis, C. Elegans and humans. It’s really interesting stuff, I’m excited to start looking at it, but I can’t make myself do it right now. Too much stuff in my head.

Then I have another day break in which I will be studying my ass off for BIOL L211 Molecular Biology (MB) and HISP S315 Spanish in the Business World (Spanish). I have both of those exams on Friday. MB is at 8am and Spanish is at 4:15. Then I’m finally done, except for work. I work eight hours Sunday, Saturday and Monday and then four more hours on Wednesday and Friday. I’m so excited cause that’s a lot of money and I won’t have to do much. Hopefully I can finish paying off my credit card so I can start anew next semester.

Anyway, I’ve babbled about meaningless stuff for long enough. Time for the important things.

Article of the DayYou Go Guys!

Song of the DayMr. Bojangles – Bob Dylan

Quote of the Day – “One last time through the notes, a few problems, finish my laundry (literally, I’m washing some clothes), and I’m off to bed.” – Tony’s away message at 7:30 this evening… what a spooner 🙂

peace out yo!

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