Graveyard, Classes, New Cell, IU

Graveyard, Classes, New Cell, IU Basketball, Graveyard….

That pretty much summed up my week last week.

Believe it or not, this is the second graveyard that I have worked this semester. I’ve subbed out two of them because of evening plans I had made. Two weekends ago, it was the Super Bowl. Last weekend was my 21st birthday. But anyway, I’m so freakin tired right now. I will have been awake almost 24 hours when I leave here to go home. I’ll only be getting a 4 hour nap today because I have butt loads od homework to finish for Tuesday.

Last Thursday for me was interesting and very busy. I had my usual two classes…10:10 and 11:30. Both went really well. My religion class was the only one that had section that day. My english teacher was so sick that she couldn’t make it through a phone call without puking twice. Yea, needless to say, we had a substitute in there on Thursday. All he did though was hand out the assignment paper that for the letter that is due Tuesday. That kinda makes me a bit ticked off becasue she could have done that over e-mail and I wouldn’t have had to rush from my Religion and Ethics class (which let out late) to my english class, almost falling on the snow and busting my head open.

After I got my assignment handout, I headed over to the SRSC where I swam for a good 45 minutes at least. I felt really good leaving that place. It was good. I was feeling so good that I was craving a smoothie (sadly the smoothie king in the SRSC was closed). Since I had this enormus craving for a smoothie, I hauled my butt from the SRSC to the Union to the ATM where I got some cash, then down Kirkwood Ave for some good smoothie action.

My afternoon classes went as planned. R170 discussion was pointless. we do NOTHING important in there EVER! Math class, I doze off for a couple minutes, as usual. It just gets to be 3:15 in the afternon and I can’t keep my eyes open. Java class….wow….I shouldn’t even go to lecture. I already know Java and the class is basically in my schedule to get me my Java credits for Informatics, and for an easy A. It’s a 4 credit hour class that is going to make my GPA look nice. A201 (Java) lab section was interesting. Stephen, Chris and I listened to this year’s and last year’s Marching Hundred CDs. Our lab instructor doesn’t teach. It really annoys me. He sits there in his little rolly chair and comes around and asks us to design short little programs that don’t do anything important (and they barely illustrate the concepts that we’re supposed to learn in class). Having the programming expirence I have, the class is boring, but attendance is a part of it, so I take it as an hour where I can play with a comptuer and get better at some things.

Wow, so there was Thursday. Friday…I worked from 10 am to 4 pm. long day. At the end of my shift, Beth came and picked me up and took me to the mall. I got two new pair of pants form old navy with the $50 that my aunt gave me for christmas. While waiting on Beth to pick me up, my dad calls my cell asking me if he could come down right then and take me to the cell phone place to get me a new cell. So I said yea. I got one of the Nokia 8265s. My new number is 812.325.7884. Give me a call and we’ll chat sometime. 😉

My weekend was ok. IU lost to MSU at home. No more Basketball season for us. At least I’ll get one trip with the band, the Big Ten Tournament. That’s really depressing. But anyway, after the game, I went and had one of the best times I’ve had in a while at Kevin’s place. It was fun. Sunday was probably the most unproductive day I’ve ever had, I messed around with my computer for about four hours, then played Warcraft III for four hours, then cooked Swiss Steak and Mashed Potatoes for dinner, then had to come to work. That brings us up to the current state of affairs.

That’s all I got for now.

Quote of the day “Thank Jesus and Tom. I didn’t know Tom and Jesus were buddies.” — Tracie after figuring out some Java homework I helped her with.

Mac Fund — no change….$35.12

peace out yo