Graveyard Boredom Returns

It’s been a couple days since I’ve made any update in my life in this thing.

Biggest update is that I re-designed my entire home and root domain. Check them out by clicking on one of the links below. The root domain is my professional site. It contains information about me, my resume and that’s it. Readers of my blog are previliged enough to see my home domain (or at least have the URL). It is my personal site. It stays hidden just because people don’t know any better. It’s got a pre-photoblog photogallery as well as access to my semester’s schedule. If sometime in the future the home site asks you for a password to enter, shoot me an e-mail and, if you’re worthy, I’ll send you the username and password. 😉

Website Links
Root site
Home site

Enjoy those. Comment it up and tell me what you like/dislike on the home site. I spent 14+ hours working on the graphics and overall layout of that site. It’s definitely going to stay that way for at least another year.

Today was the staff recognition dinner at Camp Belzer. It was good to see a majority of the people that I worked with and lived with over the summer/past summers. I got a few pictures, but none of them are any good. Check them out at The Photoblog. There are also some random pictures of things like what I had for dinner (you all would call it breakfast) this morning as well as “Lake Henderson” and some Monkeys for Lindz.

Last night on my graveyard shift, I experienced something I never have before. My great friend Erin made me so fuming mad and so extremely happy at the same time. I’m not going to post the details here, but if you want to know, hit up the e-mail, cell or IM names (tlmasonaea or firecrafter695). I will be happy to explain. I’ll just say this… my future lovelife is now quite uncertain.

I just realized this evening that I have a dentist’s appointment Tuesday morning at 8:15… I really don’t want to drive back up to Shelbyville just for an appointment and then drive back later that morning. blah… what can ya do though.

I tried to get some good pictures of some of the flooding around Bloomington, but the cloud cover limited the lighting and the pictures came out black. Oh well, though, what can ya do?

That’s about it, really. Nothing major has happened in my life that I’m willing to post in here. The best way to find out the intricate happenings of my life are to IM me or call.

And I leave you with the end of the blog rundown…

Song of the DayAnother Brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd
I’m returning to the roots of today’s music, the bands that made Rock as diverse as it is today.

What’s in My CD Player?In the Car – KKDC Mix Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd, Greatest Hits – Styx, A Rush of Blood to the Head – Coldplay, and Disc 1 of The Best of Bowie – Davie Bowie. In the HousePet Sounds – The Beach Boys (a little earlier than the other stuff I’ve been in the mood for, but good nonetheless).

Hero of the Indefinite Time Period – Erin

Villian of the Indefinite Time Period – He Who Shall Not Be Named, and Dustin for still having all of my Beatles albums.

Movie of the WeekAlmost Famous

Quote of the Day – deafening silence… Again, there is nobody here over the graveyard… blah.

later days!

5 thoughts on “Graveyard Boredom Returns

  1. the love by the black eyed peas is so good. i love that song. i wish i could say i had a beatles collection.

  2. I got The Beatles’ catalouge as a tax write off. It was a sort of text for a class I took called “The Music of The Beatles”. Probably the best class I’ve taken in college. Easy A since I already knew all about them, just got to use it as a tax write off and as a relaxing hour on Monday and Wednesday nights.

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