Graveyard Boredom Imagine that, me

Graveyard Boredom

Imagine that, me being bored during a graveyard shift. I’ve been busy though. I made some changes to my webpage, played around with photoshop a bit, and watched Death to Smoochie, finally. My roomates have been after me to watch it for a long time. It’s a pretty good movie, very dark comedy. Kudos to Robin Williams and Edward Norton for a movie well done.

Here’s my photoshopped image.

That’s the recap of my night. Now for the recap of my past week…

Nothing really too eventful happened. Went to Olive Garden and watched Chicago on Valentine’s Day. Watched IU lose again to Wisconsin on Saturday. Sunday, the usual relaxation and Warcraft III until I had to go to work. Beth bought me dinner at Foster on meal points. I love having frinds with excess points, it’s great. We (being me and my roomates) need to go grocrey shopping TODAY!

Anyway, later today, Beth (yes Lindz, Beth and I are just friends, get over it! 😉 ) and I are going to go hit the SRSC. She convinced me to change my workout schedule this week, making it MWF — lifting/dry land working out, TRS — Swimming. Silly Beth. I’m going to be all confused when next week comes around. She promised that we could get back on the normal schedule next week.

I have a math exam this Tuesday that I’m going to need to study for later today and then I’m done with midterms. Wednesday at work, I will be working on my Java homework, and a new look for my blog. Yes, I’m tackling the large project of coming up with a new, attractive, yet functional blog page. Matt isn’t in town this week, so Nathan and I are having lunch. His treat 🙂 Camp contracts go out today, so I should know by the end of the week what I’m doing this summer.

That’s all I have for now.

Quote of the day “Well I guess we’re gonna have to take control. If it’s up to us, we’ve got to take it all.” — Bobby Brown in the Ghostbuster’s song.

Mac fund $121.64
        This follows a large increase from my pay check.

peace out yo