Graveyard Boredom

First of all, read.

I sure would hope finding a head in a shed would prompt a lawsuit. That’s generally not something you would expect to find in there. Old Schwin, hole riddled garden hose, sure… A HUMAN HEAD! What sick-o would do something like that?!? Now I worked in a funeral home for four years, I know that there are laws governing the disposal of human remains. This breaks just about every single one of them!

Second read.
Only in Oklahoma would this be possible. How does a jail Misidentify an inmate? Don’t they wear suits with numbers on them? Maybe OK is too good for identifying inmates by numbers. I know that story is from the 25th, but I’m just now catching up on my web surfing. And after your own funeral, you call home?!? Man, some people are strange. This is just another example of irresponsible government.

Ok, now that I’m done ranting about the daily news… I’m feeling much better today than I have been the last couple days. A few close friends of mine are the cause.

For those of you who care, I purchased a digital camera today. I bought the Minolta DiMAGE G400. See the link in this entry. I figure I’ll never use all 5MP of the G500, nor should I have to pay for it. I got the G400 for a little over $300, which is stellar because that means I get to save some oc my Christmas money… probably for books.

To go along with my new little purchase, I will be starting a photoblog. I plan to carry that camera with me everywhere I go, just because I’m a loser like that. Every evening when I get home (or morning after I wake up because I was too tired from the night before) I will post a few images in my photoblog (address forthcoming) for you all to see. You’ll have to bear with me because my photography skills aren’t that great, but I’m going to use this as a means for me to get better. I can only dream to be this good. If all goes well, my camera will be here before New Year’s Day, so be looking for that as the launch date of my photoblog.

Whew! I’m pretty long winded tonight… sorry bout that. not very often do I get to make a large post. Of course, this isn’t even eight hours of post, more like fifteen minutes.

When I get off work, I am going to head to either Borders or Best Buy (whoever is open first) and buy the Lord of the Rings Trillogy Soundtrack. I loved that music, and I want to own it. It’s going to be part of my christmas gifts.

Also, sometime later today, I plan to head to the climbing gym for a bit. If you want to join me and are close to Bloomington, hit up my celly.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now.

later days

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5 thoughts on “Graveyard Boredom

  1. apparently b2 doesn’t let you use the alligator mouth symbol and the 3 to make a little heart either.

    but i love nova. shh don’t tell anyone.

  2. the head thing, that’s just wrong.
    the funeral thing, some prisons don’t give you those stereotypical orange jumpsuits, so most likely because he was only doing 5 years was probebly in his attire from when they brought him in. i don’t know this from experience it’s just that my troop took a tour of the law facilities and they told us that.
    and btw tom, can you check out my blog for some advice i need from you, i have a hunch about it but want your advice or any feedback on that. peace bro

  3. Jess, I had it set so that you can use HTML in the comments. I also get an e-mail with all the text from a comment after it is posted, so if you want to send me ‘secret’ messages, just comment them out like you would in HTML.

    later days

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