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First of all, you all are probably noticing the new design of my blog. This is one of many web sites that are getting a re-design over the holiday break. I’m interested to hear what you guys have to say about it. It is best viewed using a monitor set to the resolution 1024×768 or greater with the window maximized.

I haven’t posted since I have seen Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, so here’s my summary post.


Ok, let me begin by saying it was an awesome movie. Having read the books then seeing them on the big screen was awesome. I’ve since bought my own copy of the books (including The Symarillian and The Hobbit.

Now for what I would have done differently…

Did anyone else notice that the movie could have ended nine times after it climaxed? Not to mention that it went on for a good hour after the climax to wrap up the story. Nobody cares about Sam’s wife and his new family, or their wedding for that matter. Those all could have been left out. Granted, a majority of the Return of the King book is this wrap up information, but I maintain that it has no place on the modern screen.

The fight scenes were amazing. This goes for the whole series. They just kept getting better and better the farther into the series we got. The way Peter Jackson followed the storyline in all three movies has got to be the best anyone has ever followed a book when basing a movie off of it. Congratulations. I smell some academy awards coming from this one.


Ok, for those of you who didn’t want to read the spoilers, you can start reading again. 🙂 Not that they were really anything worth warning everyone about, but I know some people who read don’t like to be told what happens in a movie, even if the movie is one of the best book series ever.

Ok, tonight’s shift is pretty dull and boring, hence the “graveyard boredom” title. Here’s the one thing that stuck out in my mind today while surfing the internet. I give this man all the respect that I have to give.

Foiled Robery

This 70 year old man risks his life to stop a man from robbing his store. Now what makes this story so interesting is that the reason the man stopped him was because he believes that you should earn your living rather than steal from others. This is a prime example of what we all need to do more (myself included) – stand up for what we believe. If you don’t believe in something strong enough to stand up for it, don’t try to force your will upon others – you can’t back it up.

On a related note…
Someone asked me the other day (name has been left off to protect the innocent) why I wear scouting clothes a lot. My answer was, of course, a simple one: “I like them, and they’re comfortable”. I’m speaking of Class-B uniforms, obviously. It boils down more to the fact that I believe whole-heartedly in the Boy Scouting Movement. As long as I have the means, I will do whatever I can to support the program. It has given me so many life skills and taught me the essential principles of life that I want my sons (and daughters) to have the same opportunities that I did.

*steps off soapbox*

Ok, last item, I promise.
I am planning on starting a venture crew. See “The Link Below” for more details.

And for now, I leave you in peace.

Song of the DayClocks – Coldplay

Quote of the Day – “It’s a job that’s never started that takes the longest to finish.” – J. R. R. Tolkien


Venture Crew Information

There is no unit to my knowledge that will allow the youth of south central Indiana, namely Bloomington, utilize the surrounding lands to their fullest potential.

This venture crew will be based on the activities of climbing, Project C.O.P.E., and aquatics. It will also include the completition of worthwile conservation projects and extreme camping.

It will serve, primarily, the youth of the Hoosier Trails Council, BSA, but will also attract some of the youth from the Crossroads of America Council, BSA.

So far, I am the only major stakeholder. Sally has volunteered to help out whenever is necessary, John has shown some interest in being a member, a couple of COPE kids from this summer are interested in joining, Robbie had mentioned something about creating a crew based on these activities in Bloomington. It seems as if the interest is there for an organization like this to work.

What is still needed
A more specific plan on how this will unfold.
A chartered organization.
A survey of interest in the surrounding area.
Funds to purchase gear or donated gear.

What’s Next?
Send me an e-mail message of you are interested in being a part of this. I plan not go do this half-assed, so be prepared to dedicate the time and energies needed to make this dream a reality. I will be formulating more plans as the Holiday break goes on. E-mail me, also if you have any suggestions for fundraisers, chartered organizations, etc.

extreme camping – anything besides traditional primitive camping. Some activities may include weekend backpacking excursions – take only what you can carry, winter camping – most units shy away from this today, leave no trace camping, etc.

8 thoughts on “Graveyard Boredom

  1. oooohhh, i wanna join, i wanna join. i agree with you on the LOTR thing. they should of saved it for the SE.

  2. is the Symarillian any good, because it is the only part that i have not read, the crew sounds cool, just far away

  3. tom mason! this is gorgeous!
    i myself have been wanting a ransburg layout for a while and have one in the works right now, but good jorb!
    as for the venture crew thing, i would also love to be a part of it. bloomington’s a pretty little drive from me, but i know it like the back of my hand. i’d really like to be a part of the venture crew as much as possible. i’ll email you about this too.
    but yes, i am quite excited, and this is beautiful. nice job.

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