Google Top Searches

Just thought this was cool.

Search for any of the following in Google:

  • iTunes Compatibility Lawsuit
  • IU Football Sucks
  • GSM Authentication and Encryption
  • Dead Week Meataphor
  • Grubb Road Ghosts
  • Scattered Thoughts
  • hormones in the classroom
  • moveable type on total choice hosting

And you will find that one of my sites is in the top link.

Search for one of these:

  • Tom Mason
  • Memo Indiana University Basketball
  • Snow Go Away

And my one of my sites is on the first page.

I just thought that was cool. And now that I feel like crap, and I’m off work soon, I’m out.

4 thoughts on “Google Top Searches

  1. I love looking at my search keyphrases. It’s so freakin’ random.

    “first degree burn”
    “hot on my face”
    “who is jessi”

    That’s just a few of this month’s so far.

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